5th Sultan of Perak: Sultan Alauddin Shah ibni Almarhum Raja Kechil Lasa (1594-1603)

Sultan Alauddin Shah was the elder son of Raja Kechil Lasa Inu ibni Almarhum Sultan Ahmad Tajuddin Shah. He was the grandson of Sultan Ahmad Tajuddin, the 3rd Sultan of Perak.

As Sultan Tajul Ariffin did not have an heir, the Perak chiefs decided to appoint Alauddin Shah as Sultan under advice from Acheh. During that time, Acheh placed their representatives in Perak to oversee the administration of the State.

During his reign, Sultan Alauddin Shah resided in Bota and ruled Perak from 1594 till 1603. He died in 1603 and title Marhum Mangkat Di Darat was given to him. He was interred at the end of Pulau Bota but due to erosion his makam was moved to Bota Kanan together with the makam Almarhum Sultan Ahmaddin Shah (18th Sultan of Perak).

Makam Sultan Alauddin Shah

(Photo: Perbadanan Perpustakaan Awam Negeri Perak)


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