10th Sultan of Perak: Sultan Mudzaffar Shah II (1636-1653)

With the death of the 9th Sultan of Perak, Sultan Sallehuddin, and with so many members of the Ruling House having fallen victim to the cholera epidemic*, no suitable candidate could be found to succeed as Sultan. Therefore, Perak had to appeal to Sultan Iskandar Thani of Acheh, whose under suzerainty Perak then was. The Sultan of Acheh then sent Raja Sulong, son of Raja Mahmud of Kampar and grandson of Raja Ali Al-Ajali of Johor, to Perak. Raja Sulong’s mother was Tun Kechil daughter of Tun Isap Misai (Bendahara Seri Maharaja of Johor).

Raja Sulong ibni Almarhum Raja Mahmud of Kampar, Sumatera was then installed as Sultan Mudzaffar Shah II in 1636. It was during his reign that, for services rendered, Tok Chandang son of Tok Changkat Piatu was appointed Maharaja Kinta (a title later changed to Dato’ Panglima Kinta) and his wife Che’ Intan daughter of Tok Nyior Manis made a Toh Puan (first Toh Puan of Perak).

In 1639, the Dutch built a factory at Tanjung Putus but this was soon destroyed by the Perak Malays. On 15th December 1653, the Dutch and Acheh jointly concluded a treaty with Perak and the terms were:

1. Perak must not sell tin to any foreign concerns, either European or Indian, but to Acheh and Holland only.
2. Perak is to provide a site for the erection of such a factory.
3. Perak is to pay 50,000 (?dollars or riyals – Ed.) compensation for the last factory that was destroyed.

Makam Sultan Mudzaffar II

Makam Almarhum Sultan Mudzaffar Shah II (Marhum Jalilullah). (Source: Laman Rasmi Pejabat Sultan Perak)

Sultan Mudzaffar Shah II mangkat in 1653 and was interred at Ayer Mati Lambor Kanan. The title Marhum Jalilullah was conferred on him.

[*Apparantly, during his reign the was another pandemic called setawar and Sultan Mudzaffar himself treated the people afflicted with the disease. Hence the reason why setawar trees are found at his makam.]

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