Almarhum Sultan Idris Shah II: a husband and father


Love of a father - Almarhum hugging YAM Raja Dato' Seri Nazhatul Shima on her arrival from London.

In 1969, Almarhum Sultan Idris Shah II was admitted to hospital due to heart problems[1]. YAM Raja Nazhatul Shima, or fondly known as Ku Dotty, aged 16 at that time, reached the hospital at about 9.45pm immediately on her arrival from London[2].

With Almarhum are (from L to R) YMM Raja Perempuan Muzwin binti Raja Ariff Shah, YAM Raja Dato' Seri Nazhatul Shima Sultan Idris and YM Raja Halijah binti Raja Razman.

As reported by The Straits Times dated 17 July 1969[3], Almarhum Tuanku sat up in bed as she entered his private hospital room. As Ku Dotty came up to Tuanku, he hugged her affectionately and told her, “There, see outside what I have got for you.” Ku Dotty turned round, opened the door and saw on the lawn, a red fastback coupe Toyota Corolla Sprinter with automatic transmission – the only one in Malaysia at that time!.

Ku Dotty with her surprise gift - an automatic Toyota Corolla Sprinter. (Photo published with kind permission of Singapore Press Holdings ©

Tuanku left the General Hospital of Ipoh on 21 July 1969 after being there for 19 days. On leaving the hospital, as reported by The Straits Times Tuanku was wearing a batik shirt and a fiannel trousers. When asked by reporters, Tuanku replied “I have been using hospital clothes for some time and it is a relief to wear my clothes again”. In appreciation with the services rendered by the staff of the hospital, Tuanku has given pens as souvenirs. The pens with his name engraved were presented to the matron, Mrs. A Samuel, two staff nurses and four nurses who attended on him.

Among those present at the hospital to see Tuanku leave the hospital were Raja Perempuan Muzwin, Raja DiHilir Ekram, Raja Nazhatul Shima (Ku Dottie), En. Abdul Aziz bin Ismail (State Secretary), Haji Murad bin Mohamed (Stafe Financial Officer) and Dato’ C.M Yusof (speaker of the Dewan Rakyat).

Two days after he was discharged from hospital, Tuanku left for Kuala Lumpur by a special train to attend the Rulers’ Conference. He was accompanied by Dr. Khaira.


[1]As described by YAM Raja Shahruzzaman ibni Almarhum Sultan Idris Shah.
[2]Ku Dotty had come back for her two-month summer vacation. She was at a boarding school in the Isle of Wight, England at that time.
[3]The Straits Times archive, courtesy of Singapore Press Holdings ©

1 thought on “Almarhum Sultan Idris Shah II: a husband and father

  1. If l can remember succintly, that was the moment Dottie (my sis) arrived back from the Isle of Wight where she was studying, all the way from the UK to see Tuanku in hospital…

    This picture was taken during his 1st heart attack… the 3rd one was fatal, whcih cause his demise in Sitiawan, Perak, on Chinese New Year, 1984 (January 30th).

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