Idris XI Football Team, 1921

The Idris XI

This photo was taken in front of Baitul Aman at Bukit Chandan. Standing from left to right are Raja Abdul Rashid, Raja Shahruddin, Raja Haji Shuib, Raja Haji Shahar Shah, Raja Shahriman, Raja Haji Harun Al-Rashid, Raja Arif Shah, Raja Aman Shah, Raja Yaacob, Raja Razman and Raja Alang Abdul Rashid.

In 1921 during the KCMG investiture week of Sultan Iskandar Shah ibni Almarhum Sultan Idris I, a football match was played. The opposing teams were the ‘Idris XI’ team captained by Raja Harun Al-Rashid ibni Almarhum Sultan Idris and the ‘Abdullah’ team captained by Raja Chulan ibni Almarhum Sultan Abdullah who was then already the Raja Di-Hilir (1920-1933). The anticipation of this event was reported in The Straits Times on 11 March 1921, and it was described that Sultan Iskandar Shah will be presenting a silver cup to the winning team after the match. The article also reports that there was an enthusiasm amongst young Malay Rajas in the sport at that time.

As seen in the photograph, it is somewhat obvious that the Idris XI team won the match!

[Many thanks to YM Raja Zazlan Raja Shahrin for the archived article]

Reference: The Straits Times. 1921 March 11.

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