Perak Triumph Owners Club 1972

perak triumph owners club 1972 raja muzaffar raja kamaralzaman raj sharifuddin razman

Sitting (from left): Barry Jansz, William Giles Pillay (secretary), Mike Joll (chairman), Chan, YM Raja Muzaffar Raja Kamaralzaman

Standing (from left): YM Raja Dato’ Sharifuddin Razman, Chew, anon., Wong, Adrian Boudville

Owners and ardent fans of the British marque, Triumph, based in Perak had a club in Ipoh which had active members from the Perak royalty, including Raja Dato’ Sharifuddin Razman and Raja Muzaffar Raja Kamaralzaman (who was a past chairman in 1970-71 and owner of a Triumph Herald convertible), son of YAM Raja Di-Hilir Kamaralzaman ibn Raja Mansur.

[Photo Credit:  Raja Mahariz Raja Muzaffar]

4 thoughts on “Perak Triumph Owners Club 1972

  1. My dad and ayah Din were quite close in their younger days. This was them in the 70s and ayah still speaks fondly of ayah Din whom I have been told is not very well. To his children who read this, my ayah and I kirim sembah salam to him.


  2. I remember in the late 70’s my father used to own a black Triumph Herald. That was the first car “teman belajor bawak mentekar”. The car was sold to a man in Kulim by the name of Hong Kim Chooi. Registration no JG 4499


  3. Thanx for the thoughts. I do remember some of the gentlemen in this photo when I used to go to Ipoh Club with my dad. I will pass your salam to my dad. He is not too well and is in Aerodrome, Ipoh. Regards to you and your family. God bless.

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