A photo opportunity with Raja Dato’ Seri Mansur Razman


Raja Chulan (editor of SembangKuala, seated right) and his uncle, Raja Dato Seri Mansur Raja Razman.

This photo is taken at Raja Dato Seri Mansur’s residence in Bukit Chandan. He was previously the Comptroller of the Perak Royal Household.


One thought on “A photo opportunity with Raja Dato’ Seri Mansur Razman

  1. Salams,

    It was March 1999, the Haj season. My mother & I were performing the Haj and about a week after our arrival, my mother/Ende fell ill. Her medication was replenished as soon as it was used up, and her condition didn’t improve much. Then came the day of wukuf, followed by Mina. She became worst, burning up and could barely walk. We decided to do nafal awal and returned to Makkah a day earlier than most of the other pilgrims.

    Failing to find help in the almost deserted holy city of Makkah, I phoned home to inform of Ende’s condition. She had wanted to go home, or had wanted my brother to come over to Makkah to take her home. Now, this was the haj season, and it wouldn’t be easy to enter Makkah. Swiftly, my brother gave YM Raja Dato Seri Mansur (Abang Mansur to us) who was then the Comptroller of the Royal Household of Perak, a call.

    As swiftly, Abang Mansur took action. I learnt faxes were despatched to Saudi Arabia and the Tabung Haji’s head office in KL. There were exchanges of telephone calls all over the place by Abang Mansur himself, apparently. I was oblivious to all these as I tended to my very sick mother in Makkah. Then, later that evening, there were knocks on our door. A very concerned and a rather dishevelled Manager of our Maktab (he was proabbly summoned back from Mina .. hence the dishevelled look) from Tabung Haji was at the door. He moved us to a private room which was more conducive for the sick. From thereon till our departure, we were taken very good care of by the Tabung Haji personnel and doctors. Ende was diagnosed with bronchopneumonia of both lungs, which was earlier dismissed as normal fever.

    I was deeply thankful and grateful for Abang Mansur’s intervention and quick actions, because I was at wits end already. My family is deeply grateful to Abang Mansur. May Allah reward Abang Mansur generously for his help.

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