Almarhum Raja Perempuan Taayah and Almarhum Raja Mohamed Iskandar

Raja Perempuan Taayah & Raja Mohamed Iskandar

In this photograph, Almarhum Raja Mohamed Iskandar ibni Almarhum Sultan Iskandar is seen receiving a trophy from Almarhum Raja Perempuan Taayah.

almarhums damak

Almarhum's boat 'DAMAK'.

“This particular photograph was taken during the annual speed boat race held in Lumut. I believe that it was taken in 1959. My dad was the indisputable speed boat champion until his death on 1st April 1961. In fact, according to my mother, Tengku Khillah bt Tengku Yahya, his younger brother, Almarhum Raja Ahmad Siffudin ibni Almarhum Sultan Iskandar, was his fiercest rival in speed boat racing but he failed to beat my late father. My dad’s boat was called Damak.”

Photo and comment:   YM Raja Mariam Raja Mohamed Iskandar

14 thoughts on “Almarhum Raja Perempuan Taayah and Almarhum Raja Mohamed Iskandar

  1. Assalamualaikum

    Tq for putting up this post. What I like about this picture, apart from seeing my late father, is the lack of an air of pomp, pageantry & self-importance at the event. It seems to depict the closeness & accessibility that the rakyat enjoyed with the palace. See how close the children were allowed to be to their Raja Perempuan. I’m sure their presence was felt … literally.

  2. In the picture with the boat ‘Damak’, Almarhum Raja Mohamed Iskandar is the one in the water, wearing the floral motif shirt.

  3. To my fellow editors I say thank you for this touching photo of Allahyarhamah Raja Perempuan Taayah, our beloved grand-auntie by virtue she was Tok Kunick’s sister. Touching, because to me and I am sure my cousins would agree,she was the motherly Raja Perempuan even for the rakyat. In this photo, with the kind ‘ehsan’ of Ku Mariam, we could clearly see why she could endear herself to the rakyat : seated on a simple chair and attired to blend with the rakyat! And she loved children and was very charitable with them. I recalled when I was in primary school in Kuala kangsar she would entertain school children in the Palace ground mingling with them as a mother would. She was always touched to see the children enjoying themselves in fancy dress competitions. And true to her kind personality she never failed to pamper them with gifts to take home. How we missed our grand auntie and her ‘tabung’, a tin can where she kept her loose change of coins. I cannot forget this because I was her regular recipient since I frequented the palace, as a kid, whenever my late father was summoned to the palace by Almarhum DYMM sultan Yusof to play the piano. Almarhum loved the song ‘Ayam Didik’ rendered by my late father on the piano! Having had his dinner, he would lazed on the sofa while enjoying his favourite lullabye ‘Ayam Didik’. I enjoyed these visits because Allahyarhamah Raja Perempuan Taayah would phamper me, making me sit besides her and feeding me with her hand. And upon parting she would pat my head, added to a motherly kiss and a small gift from her ‘tabung’. How could I not love my grand auntie! Our grand auntie!

    • Ku Chulan,

      What a beautiful account of Almarhum Raja Perempuan Taayah … thank you ever so much. I love hearing such stories … perhaps my way of ‘recapturing’ moments from the past that I missed. I have a hunger for stories such as the one you shared with us.

      Your sharp eye for details has added significance to this picture. I wouldn’t have noticed the simple rattan chair and her attire. These say a lot about her persona.

      Looking forward to more anecdotes from you, Ku Chulan.

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