The Moderates of MCKK

The Moderates

The Moderates was a football team captained by YAM Raja Kamaralzaman ibni Raja Mansur as a student of the Malay College. The team, which included Raja Abdul Aziz ibni Almarhum Raja Muda Musa (later DYMM The 31st Sultan of Perak), actually cleared an area of lalang and bushes as instructed by the College headmaster, W Hargreaves, which later became their practice ground (this is now the actual padang of the College). They were pretty good, comprising junior students of the College who remained loyal, each foregoing his own chance to be in the First XI. The headmaster was so confident of The Moderates’ ability that he got them to play against the Perak State XI, comprising of orang putehs bar one! They did quite well (they did struggle) as they had drawn one all.

The above excerpt is taken from an article Tuanku wrote in 1950 for MC Magazine, which has been reprinted in MCKK Impressions, a book marking the centenary of MCKK. In the photo, Tuanku is in the middle, reclining with the football by him.

[Reference: Raja Mansur RK. Some early impressions. In MCKK Impressions (1905-2005). p 5-6.]

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