The OBE and CMG honours bestowed on Raja Kamaralzaman

tok kam OBE 1948

A year after retiring from the Malayan Civil Service, Raja Kamaralzaman ibni Raja Ngah Mansur was made the Raja Di-Hilir Perak in 1948. Just prior to being made RDH, Tuanku was awarded Honorary Officer of The Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (OBE) by King George VI. The Order is an order of chivalry created by George V in 1917 and is the most junior of the British orders of chivalry, and the largest. The motto of the Order is For God and the Empire.

Today the Order of the British Empire is the order of chivalry of British democracy. Valuable service is the only criterion for the award, and the Order is now used to reward service in a wide range of useful activities. For further information on the OBE, there’s an excellent short résumé at the official website of the British Monarchy.

R Kam CMG award 1955

Source: Supplement to The London Gazette, 1 January 1955

Then in 1955, Tuanku was appointed Honorary Companion of The Most Distinguished Order of Saint Michael and Saint George (CMG) by HM Queen Elizabeth II. This is the same honour bestowed on his uncles, YAM Raja Chulan Sultan Abdullah and YTM Raja (later Sultan) Abdul Aziz Raja Muda Musa, before they were subsequently knighted. The class of Companion is the most junior of the three in this order of chivalry, the highest being Knight Grand Cross (GCMG) followed by Knight Commander (KCMG).

[A description of this order of chivalry has been posted in SembangKuala previously here.]

Raja Kam medals

YAM Raja Di-Hilir Kamaralzaman at the Perak Club, Taiping, attending Remembrance ('Poppy') Day in 1955. (Source: YM Raja Muzaffar Kamaralzaman)

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