The Ipoh floods of 1919 and 1926


(Source: Arkib Negara)

Belfield St Ipoh Flood

The corner of Belfield Street and Station Road. (Source: Ipohworld's World)

Sungai Kinta runs through Ipoh and over the years it had been damaged by the surrounding tin mining and agricultural activities causing sedimentation which led to major flooding in Ipoh in 1919 and 1926. Following the 1926 flood, the Ipoh Flood Mitigation Scheme was put in place which involved construction of a channel passing through Ipoh. Sungai Choh was diverted and the Kinta River and its main tributaries were cleared. However, a large silt trap at the bed of river below Kuala Pari was unable to control the silt effectively and Ipoh’s floods continued, although of a lesser degree. Subsequently, Sungai Kinta was diverted and straightened, which took more than 20-odd years to complete. Sungai Kinta was finally remade as a canal with its banks and tributaries reconnected, all of which done by the effort of the Perak state government and a group of mining companies.

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