Aylesbury & Garland of Ipoh – an example of a late 19th-century British business in Perak

Talbot Motors of Aylesbury and Garland Ipoh

E.L. Bailey, top left, and E.T.C. Garland, bottom right. The range of Talbot motorcars is in the main picture of the advertisement. (Source: Arkib Negara Malaysia)

Talbot motorcars were one of the marques imported by Messrs Aylesbury & Garland to Ipoh in the 1890’s. Aylesbury & Garland were also in the business of tin, the bulk of which passed through this company purchased from Chinese miners in the Batang Padang district on behalf of the Straits Trading Company. Aylesbury & Garland was a diversified company, it was also an agency for a variety of different business lines. The Ipoh establishment was managed by A.A. Robin, and assisted by H.G. James.

Other lines by A and G

Aylesbury & Garland also sold tractors. The top left shows the Ipoh office whilst the bottom right the Tapah office. (Source: Southeast Asia Visions, Cornell University Library)

They also had a branch in Tapah, and was the only European establishment in the township.

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