Almarhum Sultan Idris Shah II: an officer and a gentleman

The officer* in Almarhum Tuanku:

The Officer

Almarhum DYMM Sultan Idris Shah II in his Royal Regiment of Engineers uniform, with DYMM Raja Perempuan Muzwin. (Source: Raja Mimi Razman)

… and the gentleman:

The Gentleman

Almarhum DYMM Tuanku gracing the dance floor with DYMM Raja Perempuan Muzwin at a function. (Source: Raja Mimi Razman)

[*]Almarhum Sultan Idris Shah II was the Colonel-in-Chief of the Royal Regiment of Engineers (Rejimen Askar Jurutera DiRaja). He was the first Colonel-in-Chief for the Regiment and was appointed in 1968.

4 thoughts on “Almarhum Sultan Idris Shah II: an officer and a gentleman

  1. Salam,
    I’m in the midst of doing research on the history of Malay film and music. As we all know that Almarhum Sultan Idris Shah was an accomplished musician himself, I’m looking for some facts, as well as pictures of Almarhum DYMM Tuanku playing the saxophone with his RISHAH COMBO. If possible, a group photograph of the combo including singers like Mustaffa Osman and the rest.

  2. Salam,

    Thanks so much, M.
    Looking forward to that.
    I also have with me some personal collections of old photographs portraying Almarhum Sultan Idris 1 dated back in 1918.
    Maybe someday I’ll post these photographs at Sembangkuala.

  3. Pingback: SembangKuala

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