Raja Dato’ Amir Razman’s family

Raja Balkish Raja Dato Amir

(Source: Raja Ahmad Muzamir bin Raja Ahmad Sheridin)

This is a photo of one of Raja Dato’ Amir Razman’s daughters, Raja Balkish. She is seen here receiving a medal (one of her many!) for winning an athletic event at school from her grand-aunt, Raja Perempuan Taayah.

Raja Amirs Family

Behind, from left: Raja Kamariah, Raja Balkish and Raja Arbi. Front, from left: Raja Halijah Razman and Raja Mariam Raja Bendahara Abdul Rashid. (Source: Raja Mimi Razman)

This photo taken at Rumah Hitam during the wedding of Raja Mimi Razman in 1970 comprises the daughters of Raja Dato’ Amir Razman, with their mother, Raja Mariam Raja Bendahara Abdul Rashid, and aunt, Raja Halijah Razman.

Raja Dato’ Amir Razman was aide-de-camp to Almarhum Sultan Yusuf Izzudin Shah ibni Sultan Abdul Jalil and Almarhum Sultan Idris Shah ibni Sultan Iskandar.

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