The last Raja Bendahara: Raja Abdul Rashid ibni Sultan Idris I

Raja Abdul Rashid in his MCS uniform. (Source: Raja Nur Jannah Raja Hirdan)

DYAM Raja Bendahara Abdul Rashid ibni Sultan Idris Murshidul Azam Shah was born at Bukit Chandan in 1889. He was educated at the Central School, Taiping (now King Edward VII School) and the Malay College Kuala Kangsar. At the age of 19, he joined the Federal Secretariat in Kuala Lumpur in 1908 and was later in the Malay Civil Service (MCS). In 1911, he was aide-de-camp to his father, Sultan Idris I, and was a member of the entourage (which included Raja Chulan ibni Sultan Abdullah) accompanying  Sultan Idris I at the coronation of George V and Queen Mary in England.

After serving 30 years to three Sultans (Sultan Idris I, Sultan Abdul Jalil and Sultan Abdul Aziz) as the aide-de-camp, Raja Abdul Rashid was promoted as the Malay Secretary to the Sultan in 1935. In the same year, Raja Abdul Rashid became the member of the Perak State Council.

A group photo with Almarhum Sultan Abdul Jalil at the Tanjong Malim Rest House in 1917. Raja Abdul Rashid (then the Raja Kechil Bongsu) is seated on the far right. Also in the photo, from left, are Raja Bendahara Alang Iskandar, Raja Kamaralzaman Raja Mansur and Raja Harun Al-Rashid.

Raja Abdul Rashid was Raja Kechil Bongsu in 1916, and was promoted to Raja Kechil Tengah in 1933 following the demise of Raja Said Tauphy ibni Almarhum Sultan Abdullah II. He was the Raja Di-Hilir in 1939 and was finally the Raja Bendahara Wakil al-Sultan Wazir al-Kabir in 1948. In 1950, Raja Bendahara Abdul Rashid was made Regent of Perak during Sultan Yussuf Izzudin’s trip to Europe. Raja Muda Idris at that time was in England furthering his studies.

The left photo shows Raja Abdul Rashid with his first wife, Raja Lun Zubaidah. The lady with the parasol on the right is Raja Kimas binti Raja Sir Chulan. (Source: Raja Nur Jannah Raja Hirdan)

Raja Abdul Rashid was first married to Raja Lun Zubaidah Raja Ahmad, and later to Raja Kimas, the daughter of Raja Sir Chulan. For his service in the MCS he was appointed Commander of The Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (CBE) by George VI in 1948, and later Companion of The Most Distinguished Order of Saint Michael and Saint George (CMG) by Queen Elizabeth II in 1954.

In his lifetime, Raja Abdul Rashid played polo in teams led by his brother, Sultan Iskandar Shah (1918-1938). He also holds an honorary commission in the F.M.S. Volunteer Force.

Family photo likely taken c. 1956. Sitting fom left: Raja Aishah Raja Saidin (Raja Puan Kecil), DYAM Raja Bendahara Abdul Rashid holding Raja Kamarul Bahrin, Tengku Puteri Zaleha binti Sultan Ismail of Trengganu (wife of Raja Ahmad Baharuddin). Standing from left: Raja Shoran Shah and Raja Ahmad Baharuddin. (Source: Raja Nur Jannah Raja Hirdan)

Raja Bendahara Abdul Rashid mangkat in 1958. He had issue, which included Raja Datin Mariam (the wife of Raja Dato Amir Raja Razman), Raja Shoran Shah, Raja Dr Ahmad Tajuddin Shah (Head of Department of Agricultural Technology at UPM) and Raja Ahmad Baharuddin Shah (whose son is Raja Datuk Kamarul Bahrin Shah of SeniBahri Arkitek, whose designs include the Masjid Tengku Tengah Zaharah near Kuala Trengganu).

For a .pdf file of Raja Bendahara Abdul Rashid’s family tree (courtesy of Raja Nur Jannah Raja Hirdan), please click here.


Footnote: Following his demise, the rank of Raja Bendahara was abolished and the Raja Di-Hilir was then second in line to the throne of Perak. The rank of Bendahara was subsequently bestowed on non-royals, as it had always been up to the time of Sultan Iskandar Dzulkarnain, with the title Yang Amat Berbahagia Orang Kaya Bendahara Seri Maharaja, currently held by YAB Tun Syed Zahiruddin Syed Hassan.

2. Raja Nur Jannah Raja Hirdan

37 thoughts on “The last Raja Bendahara: Raja Abdul Rashid ibni Sultan Idris I

  1. To the editor – Can you try find out about my great-grandfather Raja Kechil Sulong Raja Hj Harun Al Rashid. Some info please? …Thanks.

  2. Salam

    If I am not mistaken, Megat Shamsuar Aznil is grandson to Raja Puan Muda Nor Ima bt Raja Zulkifli. Raja Nor Ima’s mom was Raja Nor Diana @ Ku Duni bt RAJA HARUN AL-RASHID.

    Megat is also descendant of RAJA BENDAHARA via Raja Zulkifli, his mom being Raja Noruyun bt Raja Abd Rashid. On the other hand Raja Zulkifli’s father was Raja Ishak bin RAJA KULOP MUHAMMAD.

    Lineage of Sultan Abdullah through Raja Mahtera (Raja Duni’s mom) bt Raja Sir Chulan.

    Not forgetting Raja Ekram ibni Sultan Yusof.

    Memang anak raja betui2.

  3. Salam,

    I’m doing some intensive research on Baitul Rahmah and Baitul Anwar (an-nur?). Would you be able to suggest any resources that I could refer to, or perhaps you have some information yourself? Thanks in advance!

  4. Salam Cik Maryam,

    Just to confirm with you, are you referring to Baitul Rahmah & Baitul Anwar i.e. identical houses (owned by the family of Raja Kecil Sulong Raja Harun Al Rashid) in Kuala Kangsar?



  5. Salam Cik Maryam

    Brief info pertaining to your queries:

    1. Baitul Rahmah :
    a. ‘Rahmah’ is taken after name of Cik Rahmah bt Ngah Ahmad (first wife of Raja Kecil Sulong Harun Al-Rashid)
    b. location: near Istana Iskandariah, Bukit Chandan.
    c. Description: identical with Baitul Aman.
    d. Status: part of ground floor still occupied.


    2. Baitul Aman
    a. ‘Aman’ is taken after eldest son of Raja Harun Al-Rashid, i.e. Capt Raja Aman Shah from 2nd wife, Cik Sareah.
    b. location: Jalan Raja Muda, Bukit Chandan.
    c. description: identical with Baitul Rahmah
    d. status: burnt


    3. Baitul Anor
    a. ‘Anor’ is taken after eldest son of Raja Harun Al-Rashid, i.e. Raja Anor Shah from 3rd wife, Raja Mahtra bt Raja Sir Chulan.
    b. location: beside Masjid Ubudiah, Jalan Istana, Bukit Chandan.
    c. Status: dilapidated – not suitable for occupancy.

    Best of luck in your research.

    • Thank you.

      The information has been very helpful. I’ve gone through Sembangkuala.

      Are there any other royal family house that survived till now?

  6. Salam.
    Seems like Raja Nur Jannah has a lot of information. Can i have your email? Because I want to ask something that would be very helpful for my research.

  7. Balqis,

    Good if u can ask directly through sembangkuala so that all infos can be made known to other viewers as well. Moreover, I do not have knowledge about everything, your queries cud be entertained by other people.

    if you are doing intensive research, I suggest you pay a visit to the ‘houses’. Baru le ada ‘feel’ dan ‘mahal sikit’ le your research tu. And you will get a ‘bonus’ because there are other ‘houses’ still standing nearby each other. Rumah Hitam of sembangkuala families one of them.

    All houses were formerly occupied by respective families (few families in each house).
    1. Baitul Aman: person to check with – Raja Fatimah / Fauziah Shoran
    2. Baitul Rahmah: you can check with Raja Mariam Ruzi who is currently staying there.
    3. Baitul Anor: You may check with Raja Iznun Shalehan bt Raja Amir Abdullah. Her house is next to Baitul Anor. Her family used to occupy Baitol Anor.


  8. Salam Raja Nur Jannah,

    I’ve visited both Baitul Anor and Baitul Rahmah a few months back, and spoken with Ungku Sayang and Ungku Wan (the current owners/guardians if I’m not mistaken). We are planning another reconnaissance visit on the 4th of December Insha’Allah, so right now I’m trying to gather as much info and identify as many sources as possible beforehand. Actually, i was thinking that if my party could interview you somehow, or anyone else from the blog, it would be really great.

  9. old houses no nos,
    Baitul Rahamah, Jalan Istana, Bukit Chandan, Kuala Kangsar.

    Baitul Anor, Jalan Istana, Bukit Chandan, Kuala Kangsar.

    Baitul Aman, Jalan Raja Muda, Bukit Chandan, Kuala Kangsar.

    I dont think I am the right person to be interviewed because there are a few children of Raja Kecil Sulong still alive. The names I mentioned earlier have actually stayed in the said houses. Raja Fauziah is the best person. Or perhaps editors of sembangkuala would like to do features on these topic.

    With regards to Baitul Rahmah, since you have met Engku Sayang (Raja Nor Hanim bt Raja Amran),I believe you have gotten the infos required. Anyway, the top floor of the house was previously occupied by family of Tengku Zaira bt Sultan Deli. Her mom was Raja Norshida bt Raja Harun Al-Rashid. Lower floor occupied by families of Raja Dhazlan, Raja Hanizah, Raja Amran and Raja Nor Hizayah. I know this because my mom’s house is just across the road and I remembered. Pls verify this with your source bcos I dont know who else stayed there (before I was born).

    I dont know actual date each house were built but it very much coincide with what year Raja Harun married cik Rahmah (for Baitul Rahmah); and what year the namesake children were born (for Baitul Aman and Baitul Anor).

    Eldest son of cik Rahmah is Raja Arif Shah (father of Raja Per Muzwin), born in Sept 1906). So Raja Harun probably married Cik Rahmah a year before***. Therefore Baitul Rahmah could be built during that time. (probably).

    Raja Aman Shah was born in 1902 (see earlier story about “the courage of Captain Raja Aman Shah”).

    I dont have information what year Raja Anor Shah was born.

    ***To Editors of sembangkuala.
    Please look at the photo of Idris 11. Pic was taken in front of Baitul Aman around 1921 (?). Raja Arif and Raja Aman were standing side by side. Raja Aman looked older than Raja Arif. Now I am confused bcos I was informed that Cik Rahmah (R.Arif’s mom) was first wife.


    • Maryam,Totally agree with Ku Jannah. The family of Raja Kecil Sulong is the best person to be consulted. Apparantly, one of RKS’s wife still around & maybe she can help.

      You may also refer to a coffee book called “Landmarks of Perak” published by Raja Nazrin Shah Publications if there any info on those houses. I have a copy but in Ipoh:P

      Ku Jannah
      On the Idris II, I think it could be earlier than 1921 coz by looking at my grandfather, his age should be around 21 years old. Simple mathematics….born 1896 + X = 21y.o. Thus, could be around 1917. Moreover, gauging by the look of Raja Ariff (if 1917), more logically of 11y.o.

      About being confused, can’t help much coz at times me too!

      Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha.

  10. thanks ende ku jannah for letting me know my lineage heehe..a small correction..teman anak sedara YAM Raja Puan Muda Raja Nor Ima bt Raja Mohd Zulkifli.
    not grandson ende.

  11. Thank you Sam for the correction, and tq sembangkuala for providing a premise for sedara mara to get to know each other.

    Sam, kalau tak kerana ‘legacy RMZ’ tu sampe kesudah ende tak kenal kome (vice versa). Dan ‘lineage’ tu, thats my obligation selaku ‘orang tua’.


  12. Salam

    During my recent ‘projek makam’, I found the tomb belongs to Allahyarham Raja Lun Zubaidah bt Raja Ahmad, she died on 20.1.1915. Never knew the makam was there although very near to her children’s graves that we frequented at least once a year.

    Raja Lun Zubaidah, daughter of Raja Lope Ahmad ibni Raja Bendahara Alang Iskandar @ Marhum Teja. That made her first cousin to Raja Bendahara Abdul Rashid.

    Raja Lun / Raja Abdul Rashid’s children:
    1. Raja Shoran Shah
    2. Raja Nor’uyun
    3. Raja Nor Muhidayah
    4. Raja Amri (died young)
    5. Raja Nor Shima (died young)

    Raja Lun Zubaidah and children used to stay in a house called ‘Rumah Rendah’ located somewhere behind Raja Shoran’s house.


    • Salam, Khaz64

      We humbly beg to differ. The post includes a link to the pdf file of Raja Abdul Rashid’s family tree which does include your late uncle’s name. Please see the list of issue from Raja Abdul Rashid’s marriage to Raja Puan Kechil Aishah Raja Saidin – and you will see your late uncle’s name, Raja Mohamed, listed third, between Raja Teh Hasnah and Raja Zahrah.

      Obviously, we could only include a handful of names in the post. Putting the entire list as well as offering a download of the said PDF file would make the exercise redundant, to say the least.

      Thank you for visiting!


  13. dear all,

    1.this is a good forum to get to know our waris and to update each other.
    2.just to share – i am initiating a “wakaf fund for waris negeri” maaf, as you all know, not many of us are “yang bergelar” and received state benefits, especially the younger generation. the purpose of the fund is to assist waris negeri who needs medical attention, education, and other temporary welfare assistance.

    3.and it would be more meaningful, if we could sign off our names with as many bin / binti’s / ibni’s as possible cos we may not know each other but it can assist in identifying our ancestors / lineage.

    4.pls keep up this discussion that i hope will cover all the “kerabat history” for the sake of the new generation. i am aware of some families that are still not talking to other family members due to past historical quarrels or issues that was mis communicated by the british.

    raja amir shah (ras) an EduBlog.

  14. Dear all..

    Here i wanted to make a correction..

    Raja Bendahara Abdul Rashid’s family tree..under Raja Aishah bt Raja saidin (Raja Perempuan Kecil Perak) then ada nama all the childrens..My mom is listed in there too..but there are some mistakes on the spelling. It is Raja Aubidah instead of Raja Ubaidah..


  15. Salam RAS,

    There is another platform where your noble intention can be fulfilled i.e through the Persatuan Waris dan Kerabat Negeri Perak. In fact, your objective is in tandem with one of the main aims of the Persatuan.

    I am on the Protem committee (infact, heading the Biro Kebajikan & Kemasyarakatan) and perhaps we can sit down and discuss how we can work together to achieve this common goal.

    Oh yes, thank you very much once again for your kind support and effort in attending the recent Majlis Kesyukuran at Kuala Kangsar.



  16. Pingback: Asal gelaran Raja Di-Hilir « SembangKuala BLOG

  17. My name is Raja Mohd Tajuddin bin Raja Aman Shah bin Raja Ahmad Tajuddin Bin Raja Abdul Majid bin Raja Lope Mansor. My grandmother from my father side is Raja Am binti Raja Chulan. I’m 50 and really interested to know my salasilah please advice. Thank you.

  18. Salam, nama saya Raja Saharulnizam bin Raja Baharuddin bin Raja Abdullah bin Raja Osman bin Raja Muhammad bin Raja Alang Jaafar bin Sultan Iskandar. Saya berumur 30-an dan saya ingin mencari kepastian mengenai salasilah keluarga saya, kerana datuk saya telah meninggalkan Perak atas sebab–sebab yang tidak diketahui. Harap pihak tuan dapat membantu saya.

    • Waalaikumsalam Ku Saharulnizam – Pertamanya, saya ingin mendapat kepastian dari ‘ngku mengenai “Raja Alang Jaafar bin Sultan Iskandar“. Jika yang dimaksudkan adalah Almarhum Sultan Iskandar Kadasallah (SP30, 1918-1938), Almarhum tidak mempunyai putera lelaki bernama Raja Alang Jaafar. Sultan Perak yang bernama Sultan Iskandar sebelum Almarhum bernama Sultan Iskandar Dzulkarnain (SP15) yang memerintah Perak pada pertengahan abad ke-18 dan Almarhum tidak mungkin berpangkat ‘fourth great grandfather’ kpd ‘ngku jika dikirakan umur ‘ngku yang berumur 30an sekarang.

      Mengikut salasilah yang kami ada dari Pejabat Sultan Perak, ada seorang yang bernama Raja Alang Jaafar, anak kepada Raja Pandak Abdul Rahman ibni Almarhum Sultan Abdullah Muhammad Shah I (SP22 1851-1857). Jika begitu, kemungkinan ada keturunan Almarhum Sultan Abdullah Muhammad Shah I yang boleh menolong menjawab pertanyaan ‘ngku.

      Kami meminta maaf jika SembangKuala tidak dapat menjawab persoalan ini dengan lebih lanjut.


      Sidang editor

      • Terima kasih atas jawapan yang diberi. Saya juga tidak dapat nak beri kepastian kerana orang yang boleh bg jawapan dah tiada. Saya minta maaf, tapi ada sumber yag boleh dipercayai berkata arwah datuk saya mempunyai hubungan persaudaraan yang rapat dengan Almarhum Sultan Idris. Menurut ayah saya, arwah atuk saya telah meninggalkan Perak atas sebab yang tidak dapat di ketahui dan arwah atuk saya tidak membenarkan anak – anaknya menuntut segala harta dan juga takhta. Menurut kawan saya, salasilah waris yang telah meninggalkan Perak ada terdapat di sebuah rumah di dalam muzium di Kuala Kangsar. Saya akan cuba memastikan semula salasilah keturunan saya. Satu lagi saya nak bertanya adakah Almarhum Sultan Idris berasal daripada keturunan Sultan Iskandar kerana menurut arwah atuk saya beliau adalah sepupu dengan Almarhum Sultan Idris dan arwah atuk saya memang rapat dengan Almarhum sehinggakan Almarhum Sultan Idris datang ke kampung saya mencari arwah atuk saya dan meminta beliau pulang semula ke Perak.

      • Salam – Jika engku maksudkan Almarhum Sultan Idris II, Almarhum merupakan putera kepada Almarhum Sultan Iskandar.

        Sidang editor

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