Perak in the 1870s

Journal of the Malayan Branch Royal Asiatic Society (JMBRAS) Vol. XXIV, Part 4 Sir Frank Swettenham's Perak Journals 1874-1876, Singapore, Malaya Publishing House Ltd, 1952.

The map shows the various kampungs that line the Sungai Perak and if you have been following the posts on the past Perak Sultans, you will see that these kampungs correspond to the places of Royal residence and the makams of the various Sultans.

The 1870s was a turbulent time in Perak. There were the Third (1871-3) and Fourth (1873-4) Larut Wars which saw fighting between the Ghee Hin and Hai San. Also, Raja Bendahara Ismail (residing at Belanja) was finally installed as Sultan in 1871 after the demise of Sultan Ali l-Mukammal Inayat Shah, despite infighting between Raja Muda Abdullah (residing at Batak Rabit) and Raja Yusuf (residing at Senggang), as well as Menteri Ngah Ibrahim of Larut. Then in 1874, the Pangkor Treaty was signed with the British, and Raja Muda Abdullah was made Sultan, and Sultan Ismail was deposed to the position of Sultan Muda.

You can also see, on the map, the political boundary marking the Dindings (now the district of Manjung) and Pulau Pangkor which were ceded to the British following the signing of the Pangkor Treaty.

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