The Sultan Idris Religious and Charitable Trust Enactment, 1917

Following the demise of Almarhum Sultan Idris I in 1916, certain property forming part of Almarhum’s estate was vested in the Trustees for special religious and charitable purposes. This was granted under an enactment called The Sultan Idris Religious and Charitable Trust Enactment, 1917 (Enactment No.3 of 1917, as amended by Pk.3 of 1918).

The 1917 enactment states that the Trustees are to devote the income and profits arising from, the said lands and all other moneys coming to their hands as Trustees of the Sultan Idris Religious and Charitable Trust to a range of purposes, which included maintenance of the Masjid Rizwaniah (a grand total of not exceeding $2000 was allocated for maintenance and salaries), Makam Rahmatullah (makam of Almarhum Sultan Idris I), Madrasah Idrisiah (a total not exceeding $4260 was allocated, and to include the salaries of the faculty). It was also the duty of the Trustees to ensure that religious functions are regularly performed at the Masjid Rizwaniah, regular reading of the Al-Quran at the makam and the teaching of Islamic knowledge to be ongoing at the madrasah. Almarhum Sultan Sir Abdul Jalil has ordered that income from sixteen lots of property in the town of Kuala Kangsar to be used to fund these objectives.

Almarhum Sultan Yusuf Izzudin with religious teachers at the Madrasah Idrisiah. Seated L-R: Dato' Setia Bijaya DiRaja Mohd Hashim, DYMM Sultan Yusuf Izzudin, DYMM Raja Perempuan Taayah, DYTM Raja Perempuan Fatimah and Toh Puan Ainun (wife of Dato' Setia). Standing L-R: Hj Abdul Hamid, Ustaz Othman Sujak, YM Raja Hirdan, Hj Sa'aya, Tuan Guru Hj Nawawi (Tok Wi Janggut Merah), Pak Akob, Tuan Guru Sheikh Zubir (mudir 1948-1976), Tok Megat Jamaluddin, Tok Alang Ahmad, Toh Tan Dewa Paduka Dato Ramly, YM Raja Amir and Toh Muda Hj Meor Shamsuddin. (Source: Dr Hj Zabidi Hj Nawawi)

The full text of the 1917 Enactment describing the objects of the Trust and the duties of the Trustees is available here in PDF format.

1. Wikipedia: Madrasah Idrisiah

4 thoughts on “The Sultan Idris Religious and Charitable Trust Enactment, 1917

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  3. Assalamualaikum, sharing the wisdom of ‘Pak Wi’: This reknowned Ulema’ was not only famed for his knowledge but also his wisdom. As a dedicated ‘mubaligh’ (preacher of the Islamic Faith) he was very observant. This was the story of how he took a ‘Chandan prince’ to task. He observed that this prince always cycled to town passing the Idrisiah Madrasah, wearing shorts, to his dislike of course. Given an opportunity he stopped the prince and gave him a piece of his mind, “Engku, patik ni nak bagi tahu dikawasan ni ada anjing garang, kalu dia nampak peha ni habis digigitnya!”. The alarmed prince never wear shorts after that piece of advice. Such wisdom not only endeared the royalties of Chandan but the Ulema’ was examplary in propagating Islam “bil hikmah wal hassanah”

  4. Assalamualaikum YM Raja Chulan,

    Only the day before I came across a similar story reported in the ‘Suara Majlis’, a monthly buletin issued by the Jabatan Agama Islam Perak. Pak Wi was featured in a tribute titled ‘Ulamak Dikenang’.

    Quote, “Tuan Haji Nawawi seorang Ulamak yang mempunyai pergaulan luas, menyampaikan pengajaran dengan tegas kerana itu dalam majlis2 pengajian sering didengar beliau memberikan teguran2 yang jelas tetapi berpsikologi. Pernah beberapa orang menceritakan kehalusan teknik dakwah yang beliau lakukan ialah bagaimana seorang lelaki yang sentiasa memakai seluar pendek didakwah oleh beliau dengan dialog antara lain ….”

    The dialogue was slightly different but the conclusion was the same… it was effective.

    p/s Wonder who that prince could be .. 🙂

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