A quandary – a group photo with Almarhum Sultan Abdul Aziz ibni Raja Muda Musa

If you want a conversational piece, this photograph will do just the trick, in our humble opinion. This impressive group photo shows Almarhum Sultan Abdul Aziz ibni Raja Muda Musa together with the royal sons and daughters of Perak. At the moment, following much discussion on Facebook(!), we are able to name some of the people in the photo [names with the query sign, in parentheses, indicate tentative guesses!]:

Click to enlarge. (Source: Raja Mohar Badiozaman Sukri)

Seated (from left to right): ?Raja Halijah binti Almarhum Sultan Abdullah Muhammad Shah II (Tengku Permaisuri to the Sultan of Deli, fondly known as Tok Suri); Raja Fatimah binti Almarhum Sultan Idris I (Tah Selangor); Raja Puan Besar Taayah Raja Abdul Hamid; ?(Permaisuri Che’ Umi Kelsom – wife of Sultan Abdul Aziz); YTM Raja Muda Yusuf Izzudin; DYMM Sultan Abdul Aziz; YAM Raja Bendahara Idris ibni Almarhum Sultan Iskandar; YAM Raja Di-Hilir Abdul Rashid ibni Almarhum Sultan Idris I; ?Raja Puan Bongsu (of) Medan; Tengku Salmiah binti Tengku Ismail (mother of Raja Hirdan); ?

For the rest of the photograph, whilst it can be a bit of a hit-and-miss affair, there are some definitely known faces:
1. Raja Azizah binti Almarhum Sultan Abdullah Muhammad Shah II, standing first row, third from right, with the black selendang.
2. Raja Azam bin Raja Kamaralzaman, standing second row, rightmost.
3. Raja Badri Shah bin Raja Harun Al Rashid, standing third row, third left.

Among the quandaries posed by this photo are:
1. When was this photo taken? One of the editors (Mahariz Muzaffar –Eds.) suggested 1938, the time Sultan Abdul Aziz was installed, by virtue of the appearance of Raja Azam that is highly identical to his prefectorial board photo at MCKK in 1936. A suggestion by Raja Nur Jannah Hirdan was any time after 1940, especially with the possibility that Raja Perempuan Khadijah is not in the photo as she mangkat in 1939.
2. Where was this photo taken?

Once again, any help with these questions and identification of more people in the above photo would be fantastic and the usual disclaimer applies (no prizes, sorry –Eds.).

11 thoughts on “A quandary – a group photo with Almarhum Sultan Abdul Aziz ibni Raja Muda Musa

  1. Salams editors,

    Having visited the Sultanate of Deli page and having viewed the pictures therein, I believe the lady sitting on the extreme left may not be Raja Halijah ibni Almarhum Sultan Abdullah.

    Instead, she has a strong resemblance to Tengku Ampuan Deli Raja Nurshida binti Raja Kechil Sulong Raja Harun Al Rashid who was the consort of the then Sultan Osman Al Sani Perkasa Alam Shah II, who sat on the throne of Deli from 1945-1967.

  2. Salam editors,

    Further to my earlier response, I would like to add that Tengku Permaisuri Deli Raja Halijah ibni Almarhum Abdullah died on 11.11.1960 at the age of 81 (as inscribed on her tombstone at Al-Ghufran Royal Mausoleum, Bukit Chandan). Assuming this picture was taken around the 1940s, that would put Almarhumah Raja Halijah to be in region of 60 years of age. In my opinion, the lady seated on the extreme left did not seem to be more than 40 years old.

    Thank you.

  3. My uncle, Raja Dato’ Karib Shah Raja Shahruddin is here so I took the opportunity to ask him about this picture.
    OK, back row 2nd from left is Almarhum Raja Muda Musa, extreme right is Raja Hj Shahar Shah Raja Harunal Rashid ?.
    2nd last row, 2nd from left is Almarhum Raja DiHilir Raja Hisham, 2nd from right – Raja Dato’ Hanif Shah.
    3rd row, extreme left- Raja Ariff Shah Raja Harunal Rashid, 2nd from left – Raja Hisham Raja Harunal Rashid, 4th from left – Raja Mohsein Raja Hj Shuib, extreme right (with glasses), Raja Shahruddin ibni Almarhum Sultan Idris 1.
    2nd row, 4th from left – Raja Teh Norzihan Raja Harunal Rashid ?, 4th from right – Raja Ee (wife of Cikgu Raja Shahriman)?
    Front row, extreme right – Sharifah Asiah Syed Hassan.

  4. Salam

    Personally, I humbly beg to differ about the identity of the man standing rightmost in the third row. Whilst it may be foolish to argue with a man who is describing his own father, I am confident that the chap in glasses is actually my late uncle, Raja Azam Raja Kamaralzaman, by virtue of his MCKK photo, the link of which is provided in the post above.

    Wallahu a’lam.


  5. Salam,

    Managed to get more identities:

    From the top.

    1st row:
    1st from left: Raja Kamaralzaman bin Raja Ngah Mansur
    3rd from left: Raja Ahmed Hisham bin Raja Abd Malek

    2nd row (from top):
    1st from left: Raja Hussein ibni Almarhum Sultan Abdullah
    5th from left: Raja Hanif bin Raja Abd Rahman

    3rd row (from top):
    5th from left: Raja Idris bin Raja Harun Al-Rashid
    6th from left: Raja Amran bin Raja Harun Al-Rashid
    8th from left (in stripes): Raja Dazlan bin Raja Harun Al-Rashid
    9th from left: Raja Azam bin Raja Kamaralzaman

    4th row (from top):
    1st from left: Raja Haniza bt Raja Harun Al-Rashid
    2nd from left: Raja Nor Zaha bt Raja Shuib
    4th from left: Raja Nor Anuar bt Raja Harun Al-Rashid
    6th from left: Raja Nor Kamar bt Raja Harun Al-Rashid
    7th from left: Raja ‘Koning’ bt Raja Shahriman
    9th from left: Raja Nazian bt Raja Chik Jaafar
    10th from left: Raja Petri bt Raja Badiozzaman
    11th from left: Raja Azizah ibni Sultan Abdullah
    13th from left: Raja Teh Noriah bt Raja Abd Majid

    5th row (from top):
    10th from left: Raja Puteh Mahiyah Ibni Sultan Idris I
    11th from left: Raja Nor Anuar ibni Sultan Alaiddin Sulaiman

    1. Raja Shan bin Raja Idris bin Raja Harun Al-Rashid
    2. Raja Azmatul Azfa bt Raja Mohd Iskandar

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