Sekalung budi

A truly ‘sembang’ 2009. Well, at least that’s what the past six months had been like to us.

Looking back, time had passed by so quickly and it did feel that SembangKuala has been going from strength to strength. A blog that is six months old now, SembangKuala has to date received more than 52,000 visitors. One of our humble aims is to show the royal house of Perak as it is – rich of adat and possessing a history that had changed the land of Perak to what we see now. We also hope all of you have enjoyed reminiscing the good old days of, and discovering new things about, our ancestors and relations that we have come to know as tok, chor, ende, atah, wan or bapak. We know we did, and hope to do so in the years to come, insyaAllah.

From a somewhat meagre beginning, SembangKuala has since published almost 500 posts. These posts comprise organising, republishing and disseminating historical information from the archives and museums (local and abroad), in printed and electronic form. Sembangkuala has also received its fair share of information from external contributors, not only from within the Perak royal family, but from Perak and even outside Perak. You have our utmost gratitude.

These external contributions from the different members of the family had led to the publication of never-seen-before photographs and documents, and is now being shared for all at SembangKuala, with first hand information and comments from family members and friends. We are not surprised that a renewed sense of belonging amongst the different families within the Perak royal house had grown, regardless whether they are in Kuala Kangsar, Ipoh, Taiping, Kuala Lumpur or London. May the extension of the family’s silaturrahim is perpetuated in the days to come.

It has been an eventful year for the editors, alhamdulillah. We have to admit that it has been hard work but it was well worth it – helping all of us to ‘bersembang’.

Once again, we at SembangKuala thank you all.

Raja Yusuf Izzudin Raja Lope Ahmad
Raja Shahriman Raja Harun Al Rashid
Raja Chulan Raja Ahmad Tajuddin
Raja Mahariz Raja Muzaffar

and Raja Kobat Sallehuddin Raja Muda Musa


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