Raja Dato’ Sharifuddin Raja Razman

Raja Dato' Sharifuddin Razman with DYMM Sultan Azlan Shah at Istana Iskandariah.

Raja Dato’ Sharifuddin Raja Razman, or fondly known as Ayah Din among his nephews and nieces, passed away today at the Ipoh Specialist Centre. He was 80.

Allahyarham Raja Sharifuddin, then Police ADC, with Almarhum Sultan Idris II in 1964. (Source: Raja Juliana Sharifuddin)

Allahyarham was born in 1929, the fifth son of Raja Razman Raja Abdul Hamid (Ku Nick). He was a Reserve Assistant Superintendent of Police in charge of the Police Volunteer Reserves, and was made Police aide-de-camp[1] to Almarhum Sultan Idris Shah II in 1963.

Allahyarham was a keen vintage and classic car collector. His vintage car collection was once featured on TV3’s Majalah 3. He was also a member of the Perak Triumph Owner’s Club based in Ipoh.

Allahyarham Raja Dato’ Sharifuddin had issue – four daughters and two sons.

1. Appointed ADC to Sultan of Perak. The Straits Times. 1963 September 7.

9 thoughts on “Raja Dato’ Sharifuddin Raja Razman

  1. my dad once cycled to kuala from taiping with ayah din (when he was warden at the taiping boys home). 22 miles on jalan lama, and imagine the uphill struggle at bukit berapit (apparently turun bicycle and then tolak). masa my dad nak balik taiping from bkt chandan, tok nicky bagi duit suruh my dad take the bus back (in the days when you tauk the bike on the bumbung!)! apparently, later on when they were a little older (in the early 70s), my dad and he had nicknames for each other (courtesy of ayah din) – my dad was ‘bogart’ (err.. as in humphrey 😛 ) and ayah din was ‘ricardo’.

    • Engku Mahariz,

      Seronok baca all this cerita-cerita lama. Raja-Raja Kuala ni semua ada nickname mereka sendiri. I think we can publish a post about all this nickname given to them.


    • re: ‘tauk’ – err baling. hahaha.

      re: ricardo – entahlah. my ayah pun tak tau ricardo mana. mungkin kot.

      – Mahariz

  2. Ayah Din was the best uncle i’ve ever had. He was full of jokes & it was fun to be with him. I had lot of memories with him since I was a kid. We stayed nearby & it’s a just walking distance from my auntie’s house, YAM Raja Puan Muda Raja Nor Ema. I did remembered there was 1 day (it’s was a clear day) that on the way back after playing football, I saw him washing one of his antique cars. Then suddenly he sprayed me the water till i was really wet. When I reached home, my auntie queried, why i was wet as its not raining. I answered….it’s was Ayah Din that sprayed me. Instead of angry…my auntie laughed instead..He was the greatest..Miss u Ayah Din..Semoga Allah cucuri rahmat ke atas roh nye.Amin

  3. I remember Dadda as a very compassionate and kind person who was always ready to help. A pure hearted man, full of sincerity. He always had a solution to every problem and had his ways of making things simple. He never asked anybody for help but was a very generous man, who never wanted to be acknowledged for anything he did.

    He brought us joy and happiness with his love and humour. He showed strength until the end and still had some enlightening moments for us to cherish. Now he has finally gone home to be with Allah.

    Dadda, you will always be remembered, in our hearts, in our prayers.

    “Therefore, glory be to the One in Whose Hand is the sovereignty over all things, and to Him you will be returned” Yaasin:83

    Goodbye Dadda, my Dadda, my friend….

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