Honorary aide-de-camp to two Perak Sultans: Raja Dato’ Amir bin Raja Razman

Raja Dato' Amir during his younger days.

Raja Dato’ Amir Razman (or known to many as simply Raja Amir or Ku Amir) was born in 1924, the eldest son of Raja Razman (Ku Nick) and Sharifah Hendon Shahbuddin.

Like his father before him, Raja Amir was educated at the Malay College Kuala Kangsar. His comrades during his days in Koleq included Almarhum Tuanku Jaafar of Negeri Sembilan and Allahyarham Tun Abdul Razak Hussein (the second Prime Minister of Malaysia).

Raja Amir was appointed honorary aide-de-camp (ADC) firstly to Almarhum Sultan Yusuf Izzudin Shah ibni Sultan Abdul Jalil until 1963 and subsequently to Almarhum Sultan Idris Shah II ibni Sultan Iskandar, as military ADC.

As ADC to Almarhum Sultan Yusuf Izzudin, Raja Amir had accompanied Almarhum to England[1] on a six-month visit in 1950, together with Raja Ekram and Raja Azlan Shah1 (now Sultan of Perak). He also accompanied Almarhum Sultan Yusuf Izzudin for the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953.

Raja Dato' Amir Razman as military ADC to DYMM Sultan Idris Shah II.

Raja Amir was by a firstly a captain when he was ADC to Almarhum Sultan Yusuf Izzudin, and was already a major when he accompanied Almarhum Sultan Idris Shah II inspecting members of the Vigilante Corps along the coast of Perak during the confrontation with Indonesia[2].

Raja Dato’ Amir is seen here with DYMM Sultan Yussuf Izzuddin Shah Ibni Almarhum Sultan Abdul Jalil during the signing of F.M.S agreement on 5 August 1957 to mark the end of British rule in Malaya. (Photo: NSTP Publications)

Raja Dato’ Amir is blessed with five children from his marriage with Raja Datin Mariam (Wan Yam to her nephews and nieces) binti Raja Bendahara Abdul Rashid (three daughters) and Tengku Mahtera of Medan (a son and a daughter).

Raja Dato' Amir in his uniform with his wife, Raja Datin Mariam binti Raja Bendahara Abdul Rashid. (Photo courtesy of Raja Saiful Adian Raja Muda Ahmed Siffudin)

Raja Dato’ Amir died in 1982 in London and was interred at the Al-Ghufran Royal Mausoleum in Bukit Chandan. He was 58.

1. SULTAN AT ROYAL PARTY. The Straits Times. 22 July 1950. p3.
2. SULTAN’S SURPRISE VISIT TO VIGILANTES OF PERAK. The Straits Times. 10 March 1965. p6.

  1. The young Tuanku Sultan Azlan Shah was to start his studies in law at Nottingham University then.


31 thoughts on “Honorary aide-de-camp to two Perak Sultans: Raja Dato’ Amir bin Raja Razman

  1. I used to be Ku Eddy’s childhood friend. Almost everyday we played together. Allahyarham Raja Amir ada buat satu pondok kat belakng rumah untuk kita orang bermain. Next to the pondok ada kandang ringo (monyet peliharaan Raja Balkish. At that time I didnt know the relationship between Raja Amir and myself. I only know we are related through Raja Mariam who is my grandmother’s younger sister (from a different mother). My grandmother is Raja Nor Muhidayah bt Raja Bendahara Abdul Rashid bin Sultan Idris. Now I know. In fact at the moment I am compiling family trees of Sultan Idris 1 descendants. Would you by chance have a picture of Tok Puan Besar Che Ngah Manah? And perhaps you could publish a family tree of Raja Razman family.

    Thanks, and best wishes.

    Note: Raja Kursiah bt Raja Zainal was my classmate from std 1-6.


  2. Ku,
    Thank you so much for your comment. It is our great pleasure to have a visitor especially from Kuala.
    It’s good to hear that you’re compiling the Sultan Idris I family trees. It’s gonna be tough but worthwhile!
    Anyway, bout the pic of Tok Puan Besar Che Manah it’s quite a challenge to find it. Firstly, the scarcity of the source. Secondly, although we have it, we may not recognised her. But we’ll try to locate it …..of course with some help from the elderly!.
    Lastly, please… feel free to “singah2” again to this blog. More importantly, if you have any comments or maybe sources about the family of Raja Bendahara, we would love to have it here as well. Thanks again for visiting.


  3. I would not have known much about HRH Sultan Idris if the Late Raja Dato’ Amir had not published his book on the Late Tuanku. His first hand encounters had enabled him to tell the world of HRH characters and kindness. That one book that I came across back in my school days had brought great admiration to HRH simple ways, thus started my life long interest in the Perak Royal Family. It would be great if other royals were to publish similar writings.
    This would enable everyone to look back and remember what an honour it was to have HRH as the state Ruler.

    • AK Ismail

      Thank you for your visit to SembangKuala. We’ve heard of many good things with regards to Almarhum Sultan Idris II. Insyallah SembangKuala will share more on Almarhum. SembangKuala is about information dissemination and sharing. We truly appreciate information from visitors like you. We’ll try to locate the said book and share the content with our visitors.

      Thank you

      Editors SembangKuala

  4. This wonderful website of yours invokes much warm nostalgia in me. Now, I gained so much clarity about our family roots. Seronok dapat tengok gambo Nyang Raja Abdul Rashid and other great great grandfathers and grandmothers.
    So proud of them for being part of history that shaped Perak. Such great honor to know that we all are part of this wonderful rich culture and tradition that is the Royal Perak clan.
    This is my favourite picture … seeing “Pak” in this photo, bergelinang ayor mata.. I never got to know him….. but part of him is with me sebab I will not be the “Vic” that I am known today if it was not for him. Vic, as in short for “Victoria” was his term of endearment for me .. melekat nama tuh sampai sekarang.. so kalau orang tanya, mana datang nama tuh, I am ever so happy to tell the story that beloved “Pak” is responsible for that !

    Lovely website … will pass you more gambo-gambo lama, InysAllah!

    Vic @ Puteri Nurul Munira

    • Hi Vic,

      Thank you so much for your lovely comments. This humble blog is our collective effort to treasure the history and contributions of our family members before us.

      About gambo2 lama, oh yes please, please, please “donate” it to us. I’m pretty sure there’s many photos of Ayah Mir & Wan Yam that I personally very eager to see.

      Anyway, thanks again Vic for your support. Take care.

      Chiman for SembangKuala

  5. hye…

    i really2 love this blog..its very wonderful n full of memories..even though i didn’t manage to get to know my nyang (marhum sultan yussuf) at least i got his pictures with me all the time..it would be more wonderful if u can help me to get more information about my nyang and my tok (raja zaid@raja zairan) *raja zaid= brother of raja pok saidat and raja ikram.. and FYI im doing a thesis about malay palaces at kuale..:) n im really looking forward to go back to kuale soon..:) thanks for sharing this site with me..:) love to all of u…tk care.

    • Hi Nina,

      Thanks so much for you visit. Once your thesis dah siap, can we have a copy to be uploaded here….?
      BTW, Insyallah we will try our very best to dig for info on your Tok. Senang2 jengok2 la lagi.


  6. insyALLAH..im thinking of doing istana kuning as my case studies..:) i’ll inform u later..:)



    • u mean istana kenangan kut coz istana kuning dah roboh last few years. Istana Kuning was located right opposite of rumah Auntie Mimi. FYI, rumah tok Mansur used to be known as Istana Firdaus. Anyway, all the best to you.

  7. If not mistaken Ku Zaid used to stay at Istana Firdaus in the 70s. After that the house was occupied by Raja Lun Zubaidah. Wujud lagi ke Istana Firdaus? Dah lama tak lalu kat situ.

    Tok Mansur refers to Raja Mansur Razman? or Raja Ngah Mansor?

    //Raja Nur Jannah

    • Hi Ku Jannah,
      Literally Istana Firdaus dah tak wujud. Now its the home of Raja Mansur Razman.
      If i can recalled correctly, Istana Firdaus tu warna biru muda and next to it ada Madrasah (surau). Now tapak rumah arwah Cikgu Basri. Kecik2 dulu when I lalu kat madrasah tu….seram juga ler!

      Anyway, thanks for the updates.


      • Salam YM Ku Jannah – True, YAM Ku Zaid did stay at the then Istana Firdaus. I frequented the Istana whenever I stayed at Rumah Hitam. The ‘caretaker’ then was Allahyarham Pak Kimi who stayed at the quarters behind the Istana. He was very hardworking, reared chickens and was never short of ubi kayu rebus whenever we went visiting! He was truly a ‘pacal didik’ for YAM. The surau besides the Istana was where Allahyarham Tuan Guru Haji Wok would give his lectures to royalty, including my mother, who would take me along. He was exemplary of the semangat tuan-tuan guru who gave guidance to anak-anak Raja Istana as did Sheikh Abdullah Fahim, may Allah bless their souls!!!

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  9. Salam

    Appreciate if I can get email address of Puteri Sharina. I need to check some details on family tree of Raja Zaid.

    Thank you.


  10. By the way, Ku Amir’s second wife, Allahyarhamah Tengku Mahtera was the daughter of Raja Permaisuri Deli, YAM Raja Halijah ibni Almarhum Sultan Abdullah.

    Apparently, Tengku Mahtera passed away on 13th May 1969, probably from a heart attack, after she unwittingly became a witness of a murderous clash. She was laid to rest in Kuala Lumpur. This was recounted by her late sister to my aunt.

  11. Oh, incidentally, not unlike Allahyarhamah Raja Mariam, his first wife, Allahyarhamah Tengku Mahtera was drop dead gorgeous too!

  12. Thanks Kuyam for giving this info (that Tengku Mahtera was d/o Raja Halijah).

    Could u confirm with your aunt following facts.

    Anak Raja Medan ni 3 beradik
    1. Tengku Mahtera x Raja Amir bin Raja Razman
    2. Tengku Mandak x Raja Zainal Azman bin Raja Sir Chulan
    3. Tengku Intan x Raja Aznan bin Raja Razman



      • dear Raja/Tengku, I hope you can help me. T. Mandak is her nickname, her real name is T.Umul Banin. What I’m looking for is the real name of T. Intan which is her nickname as far as I know.
        My name is T. Mansoer Adil and related to Deli too, as my great grandfather was the son of Sultan Osman and T. Raja Siti(sister of Sultan Asahan) Thanking you in advance

  13. Salam Jannah,

    I confirm that they were siblings but I learnt that Raja Permaisuri Deli had more issue, probably around 10 (including the 3 that you stated). Unfortunately, my mom and my aunt can only recall some of them by their nicknames only. But their descendants are in Medan, in the vicinity of Istana Maimoon. Now, I’m itching more than ever to go there!

    ~ ky

  14. Salam


    Above site ada senarai putera-puteri Raja Halijah, but Tengku Mahtera in this list was married to someone else.

    7) Y.A.M. Tengku Mahtera binti al-Marhum Sultan ‘Amal ud-din al-Sani Perkasa ‘Alam Shah. m. at the Istana Agong Kota Ma’amun, Medan, 25th February 1934, Y.M. Tunku Izahain bin Tunku Ibrahim (d. 26th June 1938), son of Y.A.M. Tunku Ibrahim ibni al-Marhum Sultan ‘Abdu’l Hamid Halim Shah, CMG, CVO, sometime Regent of Kedah, by his wife, Y.M. Tunku Aisha binti Raja Muda Tunku ‘Abdu’l Aziz, daughter of Y.A.M. Tunku ‘Abdu’l Aziz ibni al-Marhum Sultan Ahmad Taj ud-din Mukarram Shah, Raja Muda of Perak – see Malaysia (Kedah).


  15. Salam Jannah,

    That would be correct. Tengku Mahtera was first married to a Kedah royalty and had 1 issue (according to my aunt & mom). They divorced and after the divorce, she married Raja Amir and they had 2 issue.

  16. Salam

    A daughter of Tengku Mahtera, Tengku Maheran – was married to the late Justice Tan Sri Azmi Kamaruddin.


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