For the benefit of all, part 2: All in the family

To commemorate the registration of the Persatuan Waris dan Kerabat Negeri Perak (PWKNP) with the Jabatan Pendaftaran Negeri Perak on 12 April 2010, a soft launch and press release was held at the Perak Riverside Resort in Kuala Kangsar on 8 May 2010. The soft launch was attended by many members of the Perak Royal Family.

The soft launch commenced with a doa made by the pro tem deputy chairman of the PWKNP, YM Raja Haroon Al Rashid Raja Mohd Iskandar. Guests were treated to an exhibition (and sampling!) of desserts well-loved by members of the Royal Family, all prepared to the last detail.

Juadah kegemaran keluarga DiRaja (clockwise, from to left): pulut kuning, prepared by Raja Akmal Hanim, and wajik, prepared by Pn Salasiah Ramli; Raja Azmatul Azfa sampling the halwa maskad, a dessert loved by the late Ku Nick as made by his wife Sharifah Hendon, prepared by Raja Halimah (Ku Mimi) Razman; serak jagung, a favourite of Almarhum Raja Bendahara Abdul Rashid, prepared by Raja Rashidah Raja Hj Amir; original portraits of Almarhumah RP Kelsom and Raja Intan Suraya, forming part of the juadah exhibition; the deceptive (no, it's not karipap!) sepera gandum prepared by Raja Sheda Raja Berima.

During the function, a slide show detailing the aims and functions of the PWKNP as well as the salasilah project was shown during tea. The overall aims of the PWKNP include upholding the institution of the Perak monarchy, the Undang-Undang Tubuh Negeri Perak Darul Ridzuan, and the adat istiadat DiRaja, as well as to perpetuate good relations between all members of the Perak royal family in the spirit of silaturrahim.

The PWKNP has also divided its organisational structure so as to accommodate its programmes and activities, which include sections dealing with religious matters, adat istiadat, genealogy (nasab), welfare, information, finance and recreation. Some activities, whilst somewhat informal, have been running in full force, for example the makam project.

The pro tem committee (Sitting L-R): Raja Omar Ikram b Raja Abdullah Omar, Raja Haroon Al Rashid b Raja Mohd Iskandar, Raja Azizulkhir b Raja Harun Al-Rashid, Raja Rozlan b Raja Yaacob, Raja Nahar Shah b Raja Hj Shahar Shah, Raja Zaharrudin b Raja Dato Seri Lope Rashid. (Standing L-R): Raja Shahril Zafuri b Raja Toran, Raja Shamil Yahidin b Raja Onn Jalil, Raja Nur Jannah bt Raja Hirdan, Raja Mariam bt Raja Mohd Iskandar, Raja Azmatul Azfa bt Raja Mohd Iskandar, Tengku Yasmin bt Tengku Yusof Shah, Raja Nor Izaliah bt Raja Dato Badri Shah, Raja Izran Shah b Raja Dato Badri Shah, Raja Abd Aziz b Raja Mat.

Currently, the PWKNP is being run by a pro tem committee and an annual general meeting will be held in the near future. Enquiries regarding the PWKNP can be made by e-mailing In due course, a website run by PWKNP will be up and running detailing its activities.

Many thanks to YM Raja Nor Izaliah for the press pack from which this information given above is based on, and to YM Raja Mariam Raja Mohamed Iskandar for the photos.

7 thoughts on “For the benefit of all, part 2: All in the family

    • Salam cousin Ku Annuar,

      Thank you and we look forward to seeing you actively participating in the Persatuan.

  1. On behalf of the Megat Terawis Clan Association of Malaysia (Persatuan Keturunan Megat Terawis Malaysia), I would like to congratulate the Perak Royal Family for the successful registration of Persatuan Waris dan Kerabat Negeri Perak with the Registrar of Societies.

    May Allah guide the committee to lead the association to a brighter future.


    Persatuan Keturunan Megat Terawis

    • Salam Megat Iskandar,

      On behalf of the Pro tem committee of the Persatuan Waris dan Kerabat Negeri Perak, I thank you for your good wishes.

      And to your doa, I say amiin and pray the same for your Persatuan.

      Pro Tem Committee
      Persatuan Waris dan Kerabat Negeri Perak

  2. Thank you Ku Annuar and Megat. SK, much thanks for the write up. Wish you could have been there, too!

    • The writeup is pretty much Ku Yam’s description on the Facebook photo albums and the press pack that you prepared – can’t really take any credit! 😀

  3. Salams YM editor(s),

    Thank you very much for putting up this write-up ever so promptly. Your support and interest means a great deal to the Persatuan.

    May Allah bless you.

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