Further information on the Reman Sultanate

We have received numerous comments and new information relating to our recent post on the sultanate of Reman. Some of the information received is new, while some contradict the points we put forward based on our reference from ‘Hulu Perak Dalam Sejarah’. SembangKuala has been contacted by Christopher Buyers from The Royak Ark genealogy website who has commented on a few factual differences noted in our previous Reman post when compared to his research on the Reman sultanate. The SembangKuala editors would like to extend our utmost gratitude to Mr Buyers for his invaluable assistance in this somewhat ‘lost’ subject of Reman.

Allahyarham Tengku Yahya bin Tuan Man, a descendant of Tuan Lebeh. He was married to Raja Rogayah Raja Razman. (Photo courtesy of YM Raja Juliana Raja Dato' Sharifuddin)

Based on some decipherable notes left by Captain Hurbert Berkeley, it would appear that there were at least two rulers between Tuan Tok Nik Tok Leh (also known as Tuan Long Mansur), who ruled between 1810 to 1836, and Tuan Tok Nik Ulu (also known as Tuan Kundor), who was in power from 1849 to 1867. Apparently, the immediate successor of Tuan Tok Nik Tok Leh was Long Abdullah who came from another family. Another source claimed that Tuan Tok Nik Ulu seemed to be the son of Long Teh, who ruled from the 1830s to 1849, which would make him the grandson of Tuan Tok Nik Tok Leh instead of his son!

Tuan Tok Nik Ulu was succeeded by his eldest surviving son, Tuan Timung (lit. “lord cucumber”) who reigned from 1867 to 1875. He was in turn succeeded by his younger brother, Tuan Jagong who was also known as Tengku Abdul Qaddis. Tuan Jagong sat on the throne for 26 years from 1875 till 1901. The latter died about a year before his younger son, not after.

Another interesting fact was that Tuan Jagong’s younger son, Tuan Lebeh, actually succeeded him, rather than died in his lifetime. Nonetheless, his tenure as the ruler of Reman was rather a short one which was from 1901 to 1902. The title “Long Raya” is a shortened Malay version of the formal title that was bestowed upon him by the King of Siam on his accession – Luang Raja Prakti, or in classical Thai, Pali Luang Rajabakdi. Although Tuan Lebeh was definitely involved in the resistance to Siamese rule, apparently he had also eloped with a daughter of the Raja of Jalor (another Patani statelet) against her father’s wishes, and then fled over the border into Perak. He was promised safe conduct and lured to Singgora (later Songkhla), then promptly arrested and put on the Chamroen bound for Bangkok. The ship was heavily overloaded beyond her carrying capacity with heavy tiles and timber, and disappeared, believed sunk with all hands on board a couple of days after leaving port.

The above article is produced with permission of Christopher Buyers.


4 thoughts on “Further information on the Reman Sultanate

  1. very interesting!
    versi Kelantan pulak mengenengahkan Long Ghaffar sebagai Raja Muda Reman terakhir yg meliputi wilayah Hulu Perak sampai ke Kuala Kangsar. Cuma tak jelas kaitan hubungan salasilah keturunan dgn Tuan Lebeh (Raja Muda Reman terakhir).
    Mungkin boleh beri pencerahan fakta.

  2. Based on a few versions of The History of Reman, I strongly believe that there is a lot of misunderstanding and misinterpreted history regarding Reman. In my own research, Reman was a state that was lost in the history, and all its royal regalia proved the existence and the significance of Reman in the history of Perak, and Malaysia generally. I wish to extend my gratitude to your good self for posting quite an extensive and detailed history of Reman, and I’m looking forward to read more from your posts and to extend this conversation in exchange of knowledge and information. Thank you and regards. – Tengku

    • Assalam,menarik membaca salasilah Tuan Lebeh raja muda Reman,melihat sejarah tuan lebeh saya teringat pesanan dari arwah bapa saya mengatakan kami dari asal keturunan raja reman patani.Datuk nenek kami pada masa dahulu telah melarikan diri menaiki berpuluh2 gajah bersama2 hulubalang dan rakyat dari patani melalui denai2 sehinggalah sampai ke satu tempat di kelantan benama Kusial (asal nama dari tengku mendapat sial)di kampung itu didirikan penempatan dinamakan kampung Gual Raja tempat asal istana,Kampung Berdang tempat empangan kecil dibina oleh Tok Berdung dari negeri Patani.Arwah pernah pergi ke kampung Kroh berjumpa saudaranya cucu tuan Lebih.Mengikut cerita orang tua saya Tuan Lebeh mempunyai tiga orang anak di P hulu dan yang bongsu di Kusial tanah merah Kelantan.Keturunan Tuan Lebeh juga masih ada di Kusial tanah Merah.

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