Celluloid memories: Istana Raja Muda at Teluk Intan

The official residence for the Raja Muda of Perak used to be on Jalan Abu Bakar in Teluk Intan (then Teluk Anson) up to the time of Almarhum DYTM Raja Ahmed Sifuddin. These old photographs, courtesy of YM Raja Zazlan Raja Shahrin[1], show the Istana in its heyday.

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These three photos were taken during the time Raja (later the 33rd Sultan of Perak) Idris Shah ibni Almarhum Sultan Iskandar was the DYTM Raja Muda.

DYTM Raja Muda Idris and Raja Puan Besar Muzwin with some guests at the Istana Raja Muda.

DYTM Raja Muda Idris is seen here in the middle flanked by the two ladies wearing a yukata. Raja Puan Besar Muzwin binti Raja Arif Shah is the lady standing second left whilst Raja Ahmad Hisham Raja Abdul Malik, who was then OBJ for Hilir Perak, is seen squatting in the centre. This second photo below appears to have been taken at the same (unknown) event at the Istana and includes two of Raja Muda Idris’ children.

Raja Muda Idris together with family members and guests at the Istana at Teluk Anson.

The children on the far left are (from left) the late Raja Nor Shamsiah Raja Mohamed Iskandar (Ku Yvonne), Raja Iskandar Dzulkarnain (Ku Nain, now Raja Kecil Besar) and Raja Nazhatul Shima (Ku Dotty). Raja Puan Besar Muzwin and Raja Muda Idris are also seen standing sixth and eighth left, respectively. Raja Ahmad Hisham and his family is also in the group photo – he is seen squatting second right, whilst his wife, Raja Nor Kamar Raja Salim, and daughter, Raja Aishah, are seen standing third and fourth right, respectively.

Raja Muda Idris and guests at the Istana, c.1959.

The photo above was said to have been taken in 1959 at another (unknown) function held at the Istana. Raja Muda Idris can be seen standing in the middle (in military uniform) with Raja Puan Besar Muzwin standing on his right. Once again, Raja Ahmad Hisham, his wife, Raja Nor Kamar, and daughter, Raja Aziah[2], are all in the group photo, squatting fifth left and standing seventh and third right (middle row), respectively.

More photos taken at the Istana Raja Muda will be posted on SembangKuala soon. If any kind readers out there who can shed more light on the events during which these photos were taken or on the identities of other persons in these photos, we look forward to hear from you.

[1]Raja Zazlan Raja Shahrin, the contributor of these photos, is the grandson of Raja Ahmad Hisham Raja Abdul Malik.
[2]Raja Aziah Raja Ahmad Hisham is the mother of Raja Zazlan.


Reference: Raja Zazlan Raja Shahrin


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