DYMM Raja Perempuan Khadijah

Potrait of DYMM Raja Perempuan Khadijah. (Source: YM Raja Kobat Salehuddin ibni Almarhum Raja Muda Musa)

Y.A.M. Raja Khadijah was born on 3 March 1895 in Kuala Kangsar, the daughter of Almarhum Sultan Idris Murshidul Azzam Shah and Tengku Permaisuri Che’ Uteh Mariah[1]. Raja Khadijah was married to a young Raja Abdul Aziz ibni Almarhum Raja Muda Musa I (later Sultan of Perak) in 1911. The couple had one son, Raja Musa, who was later the DYTM Raja Muda of Perak from 1963 to 1982. On 4 March 1939, she was styled Raja Perempuan Khadijah following the installation of Raja Muda Abdul Aziz as the 31st Sultan of Perak (1938-1948).

Unfortunately, Raja Khadijah was Raja Perempuan for only seven months as Tuanku mangkat after suffering from typhoid on 1 October 1939 at the age of 44 and was interred at the Al-Ghufran Royal Mausoleum on Bukit Chandan.

[1]Her immediate siblings from the same mother included Raja Kechil Sulong Harun Al-Rashid, Raja Bendahara Abdul Rashid, Raja Puan Muda Teh Kalsom (wife of Raja Sir Chulan) and Tengku Ampuan Raja Fatimah (wife of Sultan Alaeddin Sulaiman Shah of Selangor).

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