Raja Abdul Malik ibni Almarhum Sultan Abdullah


A rare photograph of Raja Abdul Malik ibni Almarhum Sultan Abdullah. (Photo courtesy of YM Raja Ahmad Shah Raja Shahruzzaman)


Raja Abdul Malik was the eldest[1] son of Sultan Abdullah Muhammad Shah II from his marriage to his second wife, Che Rasia. It was not known when or where he was born, but Raja Abdul Malik was also exiled to the Seychelles with his father and the rest of Sultan Abdullah’s family in 1877 following the assassination of JWW Birch.

A few years after returning from exile, Raja Abdul Malik and his younger brothers went into Government service in Perak, in the footsteps of their elder brothers Raja Ngah Mansur and Raja Chulan, who were then both district magistrates, at the turn of the 19th century (c.1901). Raja Abdul Malik and his brother, Raja Said Tauphy (later Raja Kechil Tengah), were cadets in the Perak Government service at this time, whilst their younger brother, Raja Abdul Rahman (father to Raja Lope Nur Rashid), was a settlement officer in Larut.

Raja Abdul Malik was married to Raja Ngah Argayah binti Raja Lope Ahmad (who was a niece to Almarhum Sultan Idris I) and had issue[2] – two daughters and one son, Raja Mariam, Raja Ahmad Hisham (later RDH Perak 1978-1997) and Raja Izaani. It was also reported that Raja Abdul Malik had married a daughter of Almarhum Raja Muda Musa I ibni Almarhum Sultan Jaafar in July 1901.

[1]The older sons of Sultan Abdullah from his first wife, Raja Tipah, were Raja Ngah Mansur and Raja Chulan (later RDH Perak 1920-1933). They were spared from life in exile and were sent to school in Singapore and, later, Malacca.
[2]Interestingly, the RoyalArk.net website describes further issue – a son and a daughter, named Raja Muhammad Khairan Shah and Raja Alun, respectively. If any descendants of Almarhum Raja Abdul Malik can confirm or refute this, we will be most grateful.


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