Funeral of Almarhum DYMM Sultan Idris Shah, 1984

Almarhum Sultan Idris Shah ibni Almarhum Sultan Iskandar Shah mangkat after suffering a heart attack at the Lumut District Hospital at 11.15 pm on 30 January 1984, after 21 years on the throne.

DYMM Sultan Azlan Shah at the lying in state of Almarhum Sultan Idris Shah II. Photo taken at the Balai Rong Seri, Istana Iskandariah, Kuala Kangsar.

Proclamation of DYMM Sultan Azlan Shah as the 34th Sultan of Perak.

Before the royal funeral procession, the DYTM Raja Muda of Perak, Raja Tun Azlan Shah ibni Almarhum Sultan Yussuf Izzudin Shah, was proclaimed the new Sultan of Perak, the state’s thirty-fourth ruler.

Almarhum Sultan Idris Shah's cortege proceeding, with full military honours, towards Al-Ghufran royal mausoleum at Bukit Chandan.

Almarhum was laid to rest at the Al-Ghufran Royal Mausoleum on Bukit Chandan, Kuala Kangsar.

Photo reference: Wan Hashim Wan Teh. DYMM Sultan Azlan Shah: Biografi Bergambar. Kuala Lumpur: Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka; 1990.


4 thoughts on “Funeral of Almarhum DYMM Sultan Idris Shah, 1984

  1. AlFatihah dihadiahkan kepada Almarhum Sultan Idris Shah. Almarhum was a very kind hearted man. My late father took care of Almarhum when Almarhum was studying in MCKK. My late father was very well known as “Pak Yan”, the “Chief House Boy” of Prep School MCKK. On many occasions Pak Yan ran errands for Almarhum. In my career as an army officer I have also the honor of standing by the side of Almarhum on many official occasions including ‘Penyampaian Watikah Tauliah’ to young commission officers at the Royal Military College and also escorting him on arrival at the Official Opening of the Hutan Lipur Tapah sometime in 1983.

    I have to tell my story when I was selected to go for the Boys Wing RMC selection interview sometime in December 1964. Being from a poor family of 14 children, preparation for the trip for the interview in Sungai Besi was a financial burden. With a little bit of help from elder brother Shamsuddin Yan, all that was needed for the trip to Sungai Besi was ready except that I didn’t have a leather shoe to fit with the long-sleeve shirt with a ‘clip-on’ tie bought for me by my brother. To my surprise, My father took out from his little wardrobe in our house, a pair of brown ‘Barrete’ leather shoes. My late father instructed me to try on the shoes. It was a little bit too big for my feet but after my father put in some newspaper into the front end of the shoes all seems well!! I have a leather shoe..the first leather shoes I have ever put on. This pair of shoes was actually given to my late father by Almarhum Sultan Idris. According to my late father, he was instructed by Almarhum to take the pair of shoes to Pekan Kuala to be fitted with ‘ladam’. On the return trip from Kuala my father decided to wear the shoes. On arrival at the entrance of the Prep School gate, my late father was confronted by Almarhum. “Kamu pakai kasut aku, Yan!”. My father said ,’Ampun Tuan ku, patik hanya nak merasa pakai tuanku’. Almarhum in a harsh voice said to my father, ” Kamu tak ade kasut,?”. My father replied, “kasut ade tuanku tetapi kasut kulit tak ade tuanku”. Almarhum paused for a while and then said in soft voice, ” Ha. Ambiklah kan kamu kasut tu”. That was the shoe that I wore for the successful interview to gain entry into the Boys Wing RMC and this was the same story that I related to the interview Board. May be out of sympathy the Selection Board got me selected into the Boys Wing! Semoga Allah cucuri rahmatNya keatas Roh Almarhum Sultan Idris.

    My only regret was that after wearing out the pair of shoes, I didn’t keep it as remembrance.

    • Assalaualaikum Dear Friend,
      (Colonel(R)Zainal Yan is a very close friend way back during my days as a ‘brat’in Central Malay School and Clifford Primary School)
      On behalf of the family of Almarhum Sultan Idris or Mohom Derih let me say thank you for your very touching memoir of our beloved Sultan-berjiwa-rakyat.And we also pray to Allah that He showers His blessings on his soul to be amongst the Righteous.The sembangkuala editors truly appreciate your contributions to this blog and hope that you keep contributing more interesting and memorable true-life stories to be shared by the now-generation. I take this opportunity to convey salam and regards to your goodself from Gen(R)Raja Datuk Abdul Rashid whom I met at the funeral of my late auntie Datin Juita, wife of Raja Datuk Ahmad bin Raja Badiozaman.On behalf of sembangkuala editors we wish your kindself and family Selamat Hari Raya Eidil Adha.

      • Assalamualaikum – I’m sorry to interrupt, even though I was not born yet then, but my late father SABREE ‘BEAR’ always said that Almarhum DYMM Sultan Idris was a very good man. I still remember when my dad visited the mosque of K. Kangsar, my dad would touch Almarhum’s tombstone and said to me, “Adik, ni la makam Sultan Derih, my best friend. Kalau adik ada masa Sultan Derih hidup, surely now you will be playing at the istana.” I smiled at my dad, then he said, “There is no replacement for that kind of Sultan.” Saya dilahirkan sewaktu pemerintahan DYMM Sultan Azlan, jadi saya tak banyak tahu about Almarhum Sultan Derih. When I thought of my dad’s life in KK, the word ‘Derih’ comes to mind. I guess my dad knew him a lot. 🙂

  2. sultan idris ni memang banyak kawan.. salah seorang nya datuk saya. Am b. ahmad. sama2 main musik kat istana.. paling tak dapat saya lupa bila hari jdi beliau.. rakyat bukit chandan bleh masuk istana.. jadi saya tak terkecuali sebab sultan idris ni best frend tok sya..

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