Automobile series: Raja Kam’s Opel Kapitän

This is the first in a new series concerning cars used by the Perak royal household. We hope you will enjoy this.

Raja Kam and a friend standing next to the Opel Kapitän (Source: YM Raja Kamariah Raja Kamaralzaman)

Raja Kamaralzaman Raja Mansur (RDH PK 1948-1962) owned a few cars in his days. Although being a Raja Bergelar would mean the privilege of having a car provided by the state, he opted to buy them on his own. This was a fourth generation Kapitän, a luxury model by Opel. This one was specifically the 1956-7 six-cylinder model. According to wiki, the 4th generation Kapitän was the third most popular car in Germany behind Volkswagen´s Beetle and Opel’s own Rekord.

Opel cars were distributed in Malaya in those days by Wearnes Brothers.


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