Automobile series: Raja Dato’ Amir Razman’s Sunbeam Alpine

Raja Dato’ Amir Razman and his wife, Raja Datin Mariam Raja Abdul Rashid, posing with the Sunbeam Alpine. Photo taken in 1964. (Photo courtesy of Raja Izal Shah Raja Iskandar)

The Sunbeam Alpine is a British marque that was driven by Sean Connery in a car chase scene in the James Bond film Dr. No, although it never did reached the heights of other Bond cars like the Aston Martin or the Lotus! This superb specimen is owned by the late Raja Dato’ Amir Razman, at this time ADC to Almarhum Sultan Idris Shah II, seen here posing with his wife, Raja Datin Mariam binti Raja Bendahara Abdul Rashid. There have been several opinions given as to the location where this photo was taken. However, we have received information by the son of Raja Balkish Raja Dato’ Amir that this photo was taken at Cameron Highlands.

The Alpine was first produced in 1959 and a total of five series were released until 1968. The Series I-III were available in both open and removable hardtop versions, whilst the Series IV included a convertible version. From the photo, it is likely that Raja Amir’s Alpine was either a Series II, III or IV, and it would have had a 1.6 litre 82 bhp engine.

The Sunbeam marque was then sold in Malaya by Wearnes Brothers.


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