Changes in SembangKuala v3.0

Welcome to version 3.0 of SembangKuala. We have made some changes to its appearance but its content remains the same. We also feel the layout is easier to read and navigation through the site remains just as easy. To enjoy version 3.0 at its fullest, we advise readers to set your SembangKuala bookmark to

The Categories of SembangKuala posts are now listed in the menu which is the black bar above just beneath the header photo of Istana Lembah. The content of each category is highlighted by merely pointing the mouse over each option like so:

If you do not know which Category to choose from, head straight to top right Search box where you can type in a keyword of your chosen subject matter:

If the search phrase has more than one word, flank the phrase with open and close inverted commas, as per the above image. In this instance, you will see all the posts containing the keyword ‘Sultan Yussuf Izzudin’. This is the easiest way to navigate around SembangKuala if you have a specific topic in mind.

SembangKuala posts are also tagged according to keywords which are listed in the tag cloud at the bottom of the main page. Click on any keyword that matches the subject of interest and it will bring you to the posts concerning said subject (e.g. clicking on winstedt will bring you to SembangKuala posts that include his short biography or descriptions of his scholarly works when he was stationed in the FMS).

We now have a few nifty additions in version 3.0. Firstly, the Featured Post section which is the first column of text you see below the menu. This contains an older SembangKuala post worthy to be highlighted again. It may also be an updated post, may it be in its textual content or from newly-added photos. To access the full post, simply click Continue Reading like so:

Next, our posts can be read as a proper standalone post, devoid of any sidebars. To do so, simply click on the post’s title. In version 3.0, the posts are wider than that of the old v2.0, which hopefully provides a better view of the photos included in the entry:

The new version 3.0 template for SembangKuala has an iPad theme by Onswipe, which allows you to flip through the posts as you would a book. SembangKuala can also be read on the iPad using Flipboard. For this to work on the iPad, use the URL. The following is a short video showing what SembangKuala looks like on the iPad:

The Recent Comments section is in the left sidebar which alerts you if any of the discussions you have been participating in following commenting on a post has had a response from another reader. If you prefer, you can subscribe to SembangKuala by clicking on the thin box marked SHARE. Here, you can choose any web-based aggregator from Google Reader to Digg, which reads the RSS feed of SembangKuala. You may also choose to follow SembangKuala on Twitter or Facebook. Should you find an interesting post you wish to share with others, buttons allowing you to share the post via e-mail, Facebook or Twitter are placed under each SembangKuala posting.

We hope you continue to enjoy version 3.0 with its newly improved features. Any comments or suggestions are welcome, and you can email us at

The Editors

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