Celluloid memories: a family portrait of Almarhum Sultan Idris I

Almarhum Sultan Idris and his consort, Tengku Permaisuri Uteh Mariah, posing for a family portrait. Standing from left: YAM Raja Abdul Rashid ibni Sultan Idris, YAM Raja Harun Al-Rashid ibni Sultan Idris and YAM Raja Shuib ibni Almarhum Sultan Idris. Standing to the left of Almarhum Sultan Idris is YAM Raja Shahruddin ibni Almarhum Sultan Idris and Almarhum's grandsons - all issue of YAM Raja Harun Al-Rashid, from left: YM Raja Aman Shah, YM Raja Ariff Shah and YM Raja Shahar Shah.

This is a photo of Almarhum Sultan Idris I and his consort, Tengku Permaisuri Uteh Mariah (seated leftmost), and their sons and grandsons. The year when the photograph was taken is not known but a best estimate (based on the appearance of Almarhum’s grandsons) may be circa 1910’s.

This photo was kindly shared by YM Raja Nur Jannah Raja Hirdan, from a collection belonging to Raja Fauziah (Ku Diah) binti Raja Shoran, grand-daughter to Almarhum Raja Bendahara Abdul Rashid ibni Sultan Idris I.

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