Celluloid memories: A group photo with Almarhum Sultan Abdul Aziz

Raja Ngah Ali is seen here standing in the middle, in between Almarhum Sultan Abdul Aziz (left) and Almarhum Raja Muda Yussuf Izzudin. Also present in the photo are Raja Badri Shah bin Raja Harun Al Rashid (standing leftmost) and Raja Amin Shah (on Raja Ngah Ali's left). This photo was possibly taken c. 1938-41. (Photo courtesy of YM Raja Izaliah Raja Dato Badri Shah)

The event during which this photo was taken is not known and shows Almarhum Sultan Abdul Aziz with Raja Muda Yussuf Izzudin, Raja Ngah Ali bin Raja Iskandar, Raja Amin Shah bin Raja Ali and Raja Badri Shah bin Raja Harun Al Rashid (private secretary to Almarhum Sultan Abdul Aziz at that time).

Raja Ngah Ali bin Raja Iskandar was at this time the Raja Kechil Bongsu and was later Raja Kechil Sulong. He was the great-grandson of Almarhum Sultan Ali Al-Mukammal Inayat Shah (SP24 1865-1871).

Raja Amin Shah bin Raja Ali interestingly was the great-grandson of both Almarhum Sultan Abdullah Muhammad Shah I (SP22 1851-1857) and Almarhum Sultan Jaafar Muazzam Shah (SP23 1857-1865), as his grandparents were Raja Pandak Abdul Rahman ibni Almarhum Sultan Abdullah Muhammad Shah I and Raja Nandak binti Almarhum Sultan Jaafar. This point is of some interest as Almarhum Sultan Abdullah I was embroiled in a civil war with Almarhum Sultan Jaafar (at that time Raja Muda and was effectively the de facto Sultan during the war) from 1851 to 1857.

1. YM Raja Nur Jannah Raja Hirdan

DYMM Raja Perempuan Khadijah

Potrait of DYMM Raja Perempuan Khadijah. (Source: YM Raja Kobat Salehuddin ibni Almarhum Raja Muda Musa)

Y.A.M. Raja Khadijah was born on 3 March 1895 in Kuala Kangsar, the daughter of Almarhum Sultan Idris Murshidul Azzam Shah and Tengku Permaisuri Che’ Uteh Mariah[1]. Raja Khadijah was married to a young Raja Abdul Aziz ibni Almarhum Raja Muda Musa I (later Sultan of Perak) in 1911. The couple had one son, Raja Musa, who was later the DYTM Raja Muda of Perak from 1963 to 1982. On 4 March 1939, she was styled Raja Perempuan Khadijah following the installation of Raja Muda Abdul Aziz as the 31st Sultan of Perak (1938-1948).

Unfortunately, Raja Khadijah was Raja Perempuan for only seven months as Tuanku mangkat after suffering from typhoid on 1 October 1939 at the age of 44 and was interred at the Al-Ghufran Royal Mausoleum on Bukit Chandan.

[1]Her immediate siblings from the same mother included Raja Kechil Sulong Harun Al-Rashid, Raja Bendahara Abdul Rashid, Raja Puan Muda Teh Kalsom (wife of Raja Sir Chulan) and Tengku Ampuan Raja Fatimah (wife of Sultan Alaeddin Sulaiman Shah of Selangor).

Celluloid memories: Istana Raja Muda at Teluk Intan (part 2)

This post contains two more photos, courtesy of YM Raja Zazlan Raja Shahrin, taken at the old Istana Raja Muda at Teluk Anson (now Teluk Intan). This time the photos were taken during the time of DYTM Raja Muda Musa ibni Almarhum Sultan Abdul Aziz (1963-1983).

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DYTM Raja Muda Musa and guests at the Istana Raja Muda, Teluk Anson.

The photo above shows DYTM Raja Muda Musa and Raja Ahmad Hisham Raja Abdul Malik, who was at that time Raja Kechil Sulong, posing with guests which include the Managing Director of United Plantations Ltd., Teluk Anson, Børge Bek-Nielsen (later Tan Sri Dato’ Seri), and his wife. From left: anon., YAM Raja Kechil Sulong Ahmad Hisham, Mrs. Bek-Nielsen, DYTM Raja Muda Musa, Børge Bek-Nielsen, Che Puan Besar Wan Rafidah, anon. and Raja Nor Kamar Raja Salim.

Raja Muda Musa walking on the grounds of the Istana.

This photo shows DYTM Raja Muda Musa (in a suit with sunglasses) walking on the grounds of the Istana accompanied by his wife, Che Puan Besar Wan Rafidah, as well as YAM Raja Kechil Sulong Ahmad Hisham (far right) and is wife, Raja Nor Kamar (third right). Again, we do not know of the occasion this photo was taken, although it does appear that the people in photo are in formal attire, possibly on the way to a formal function at the Istana.

Once again, if any kind readers out there who can shed more light on the events during which these photos were taken or on the identities of other persons in these photos, we look forward to hear from you.


1. Raja Zazlan Raja Shahrin
2. Raja Kobat Salehuddin Raja Muda Musa