A Journey Back To Kuala Kangsar

by Al Shahbuddin

“Kuala Kangsar’s (or KK as it is known) blatant beauty is attributed to three things: the architecture, the river and the history behind it. An unpretentious town, whose quiet charm nonetheless managed to attract the production crew of Anna And The King.

” I could not think of any reasons not to love Kuala Kangsar. But then my utmost fondness of the small little town could have easily made me biased. Over the years, my respect for this small little town, for all its untouched beauty and strong history, has never withered. My ‘kampung‘ as I commonly refer it as, has so much heritage surrounding its small little area, that sometimes it makes me feel as though living in KL seems like a bad decision…”

Al Shahbuddin is a cousin of the editors. This is an excerpt of a post written by him in a now-defunct MCKK online portal.

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