2nd Sultan of Perak: Sultan Mansur Shah I ibni Almarhum Sultan Muzaffar Shah (1549-1577)

Sultan Mansur Shah I had his capital at Kota Lama Kanan, about two miles upstream from Kuala Kangsar on the left bank of Sungai Perak. Accompanied by Megat Terawis, he travelled upriver to the headwaters of the Perak near Patani. He arrived at a place called Tapong (now Kroh) where, on finding a rock in the middle of the stream, he made a groove on it with his sword, Perbujang. From this grooved rock directly to Padang Limau Nipis, lay the boundary between Perak and Reman, which was recognised and respected by the Raja of Reman up to the end of the 18th century. Tin miners working inside this area had to pay taxes to a representative of the Sultan stationed at Intan.

Raja Alauddin, the son of Sultan Mansur Shah, was forcibly taken away by the Achehnese to marry their Queen and at about the same time, Siam attacked Perak by way of Lumut, inflicting heavy losses on the Perak forces. Raja Ali, a son-in-law of Sultan Mansur Shah, was killed in action and was interred in Sitiawan.

Perak then had to sign a treaty at Pangkor agreeing to periodically send to Bangkok the ‘Bunga Mas‘ (flowers and leaves wrought in gold as a token of fealty), to refrain from making any negotiations with any foreign power and to permit the Siamese to purchase tin without duty.

Sultan Mansur Shah, while attending prayers in one Friday at the Kota Lama Kanan mosque, later mysteriously disappeared. Events proved later that he had been kidnapped by Achehnese fifth columnists under orders from his son, Sultan Alauddin Mansur Shah, who was at that time ruling at Acheh after his marriage to the queen.

On the voyage downriver, both captors and captives stopped at Kuala Kinta, where Sultan Mansur Shah met and married a beautiful orang asli maiden, a daughter of the headman. He stayed in Kuala Kinta for about two weeks. His newly wedded wife bore him a son who was destined to become the first territorial chief of the Kinta district. This chieftaincy carried the title of Panglima Kinta Seri Amar Bangsa Di-Raja.

To commemorate the disappearance of Sultan Mansur Shah, Sultan Idris Murshidul Azzam Shah built a mosque in 1916 on the site of the original one with a single grave stone inside it.


Almarhum Sultan Mansur Shah's headstone inside the Kota Lama Kanan Mosque.

Sultan Mansur Shah mangkat and was interred in Acheh. The title Marhum Kota Lama Kanan was conferred on him after his death.

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