The F.M.S. Hotel, Ipoh

The F.M.S Hotel, Ipoh

The F.M.S. Hotel on Brewster Road in the early 1900s.

The initials F.M.S. stand for Federated Malay States. This hotel on Brewster Road was founded by a Hainanese settler and was opened in 1906. Both bar and restaurant (together with its antique décor) have managed to survive the ravages of time. Some claim it is Malaysia’s oldest functioning bar! Planters and merchants used to frequent the bar in its heyday.

The bar currently is closed for renovation and expected to be re-opened in 2010.


F.M.S. Hotel Bar & Restaurant today.

F.M.S. Hotel Bar & Restaurant is located at number 2 on Jalan Sultan Idris Shah (previously Brewster Road) in Ipoh.

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