Sultan Perak’s plates


Personal collection of Raja Harun Al Rashid Razman

J & G Meakin were earthenware manufacturers of domestic tableware at Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent. Prior to 1945 they made predominantly inexpensive export wares, particularly for the American market. In the 19th century the firm was well-known for its white granite (undecorated ironstone) wares in imitation of contemporary French porcelain. In the 20th century, the firm has been most widely recognised for the “Sol” wares produced between 1912 and 1963 for home and hotel use. Post-war expansion in the home market for domestic tableware resulted in the production of a wide range of traditional and fashionable shapes and patterns. In the year 2000 the production of J&G Meakin ware ceased and the Eagle Pottery was given over to the production of Johnson Bros tableware – they produced until at the Eagle Pottery until 2004 when manufacturing was transferred abroad. The Eagle Pottery works were demolished in 2005.


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