The Perak Regalia

The Perak Regalia consists of items (including the nobat) that are said to have been with the Perak Sultanate from its inception, some of which pre-dating the Melaka sultanate. The regalia is secured at Istana Iskandariah, guarded by the palace bentara. The Perak Regalia is only used during the installation ceremony.

Perak Regalia (Keris Pestaka, Keris Hang Tuah, Chorik Si Manjakani, Ball of Petrified Dew, Nafiri and two Pedastal Tray. Source: Arkib Negara Malaysia

Keris Pestaka, Keris Hang Tuah, Chura Si-Manjakini, Ball of Petrified Dew, Nafiri (part of the Nobat) and two pedestal trays. (Source: Arkib Negara Malaysia)

Keris Pestaka
The origin of this keris is not known and was presented to a Sultan of Perak in the past. The keris was said to possess magical powers and its sarong was made of gold. The keris was lost during the Japanese occupation in the Second World War.

Keris Hang Tuah
This was said to be Hang Tuah’s keris kuasa or bawar which he returned to Sultan Mahmud Shah after failing to persuade Puteri Gunung Ledang to become the Sultan’s wife. Legend has it that Hang Tuah then left Melaka for Hulu Perak, and had asked Tun Mamat to convey the keris bawar to Sultan Mahmud Shah. After the fall of Melaka to the Portuguese in 1511, the keris was handed down to Raja Muzaffar Shah who left for Perak in 1528, and it has been part of the Perak Regalia since. The keris had a sarong made of gold and was said to have magical powers in which it is able to fly under instructions by its master to reach an enemy, analogous to the modern day guided missile!

Chura Si-Manjakini
This is a sword which is also known as Curik Man-Dakini, and was said to have been the sword of Raja Suran which was wielded by Sang Sapurba when he descended on Mount Seguntang Mahameru in Palembang. More on this interesting item of the Perak Regalia will be dealt with in a future post in SembangKuala.

Mestika Embun
Also known as geliga embun or the ‘Ball of Petrified Dew’ was an azimat first given to Sultan Muzaffar Shah, on his installation as the first Sultan of Perak in 1528, by Tun Perobu, better known as Tok Puan Putih or Tok Temong. Tok Temong attended Sultan Muzaffar’s installation ceremony with Tun Saban, accompanied by a parade comprising 77 elephants carrying offerings, one of which being the Mestika Embun. It was at this instance that Sultan Muzaffar Shah presented Tok Temong an oval puan (betel leaf container) to express his gratitude. However, Tok Temong returned the puan as she only wanted Sultan Muzaffar Shah to make a vow that he and his descendants were to reside on the right bank (when one faced upstream) of the Sungai Perak, a tradition which held true until the reign of Sultan Idris I.

Perak Regalia (Agok, kanching halkah, dokoh, armlets, chap halilintar, Keris Hang Tuah). Source: Arkib Negara Malaysia

Agok, kanching halkah, dokoh, pontoh bernaga armlets, chap halilintar, and Keris Hang Tuah. (Source: Arkib Negara Malaysia)

The agok is a golden pendant that is worn around the neck of the Raja Perempuan of Perak on her installation ceremony.

Kanching halkah
This is a decorative ornament worn around the neck of a tunic. The kanching utilises the tekat technique, and uses gold thread. The decorative tekat depicts two dragons and it was said that the kanching was a gift from the Emperor of China to Parameswara during his visit to China.

This is a golden brooch (kerongsang) containing a precious jewel in its central portion.

Pontoh bernaga
These are armlets made of gold, to be worn by the Sultan around both his wrists during the installation ceremony.

Chap halilintar
This is described as a mohor kecil made of silver that is placed behind the right ear of the Sultan on his installation by the Toh Seri Nara DiRaja whilst he whispers the Rahsia Nasab Sultani. On the chap is the engraving which reads: ‘Seri Sultan Muhammad Shah dzillu’llahi fi’l-‘alam’. The original chap was made of wood, called the chap kayu kempa. The original engraving on the kayu kempa was in Sanskrit. The shaft was made of kayu gamat and had the image of the Dewa Halilintar. When Parameswara embraced Islam and became Sultan Muhammad Shah, he changed the engraving on the chap to that of Arabic, and the shaft was changed to plain wood.

Reference: Buku chenderamata pertabalan Sultan Idris, 1963.

4 thoughts on “The Perak Regalia

  1. The present Mestika Embun is a crystal replica given by the British, while the real one was taken away by them. This is what I was told, but I will have to reconfirm the “story” from my older sister.

  2. Salam Engku Zarith

    The items of the regalia have been known to ‘travel far and wide’ as it were especially during the tumultuous times of the Perak War (in the case of the ENTIRE regalia, taken by England) and WW2. The Aigrette bought by Almarhum Idris I was said to be found in Tokyo after the Japanese occupation and was returned to Perak by the BMA with a few stones missing!

    We are indeed honoured by your visit to this little website of ours, and hope you will come by again.


  3. As told by Raja Razman (Ku Nick) to one of his sons, the current Mestika Embun is in fact a replica. It was “taken away” by the British during the transfer of regalia from Istana Negara to Istana Lembah prior to the demolition of Istana Negara.

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